Monday 21 December 2015

Melayu Lawan Cina....ini Orang Cina Cakap!

I am very sadden by this troubles. I hope you have read more about this matter. I would like to bring up some points.

1. Firstly the shop keeper or h/p seller is stupid after seeing Low Yat 1 troubles. He is either stupid or brave to try to cheat a Malay buyer.

2. Nobody is allowed in Malaysia to detain people in their office for breaking
the contract. It is a criminal offence. The Malay gentleman must do a
Police Report & if the seller is found to have detain him, the police must
charge the shopkeeper for this criminal act. THROW the  book at this young
Chinese who knows no better.

3. I do not buy 4 h/p. at one time even if it is RM200.00 per phone. On top
of that all the add ons come up to RM10,000.00. Does the young Chinese
h/p. seller expect a Malay man or even a Chinese man with that sort of cash on his body. THE POLICE SHOULD ALSO CHARGE HIM WITH STUPIDITY.

4. Going to the ATM to withdraw cash,  Mr. Hussein no banks allow
you to withdraw more then RM2,000.00 cash. Some banks may allow you
to increase the amount up till RM5,000.00.

5. It is good that the Malay Minister Ismail Sabri has opened a handphone
mall for Malay businessmen to go into this line of business & the Chinese sellers should show  the Malays where to go for their handphone  sets.It will
save Malaysia from all this type of unhappiness. I as a Chinese
Malaysian will also threaten the dishonest Chinese h/p sellers that
I will go to Mara IT Mall if they are not honest with me.

INVESTIGATION INTO THIS MATTER Do not let this matter fester.


Dato Lim
Dato Lim Kata nak boikot beli dari kedai cina. Habis ni beli dari kedai cina lagi apa pasal ? Bebal betoi la

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