Tuesday 1 December 2015

Low Yat 2 : Ini bukan Beras or Petrol ...ini bukan business ikut arahan kerajaan!

Ismail Sabri says the tech mall will offer a variety of technological services and gadgets at a lower price compared to other places.

steadyaku47 comment :  

Kalau nak compete dengan Cina, buat lah apa yang menasabah! Beras kita boleh control, Bank kita boleh control....Letrik, Api, Petrol, Gas...termasuk import export kereta...... kita boleh control. 

How are the Malays able to control all these? 

Melayu boleh control ni semua sebab kerajaan Melayu. Beras, petrol, bank, letrik, oil, gas, dan kereta semua boleh di control melalui undang undang/ melalui arahan kerajaan. Yang untung bukan semua orang Melayu...yang untung are the Malays in Umno, their families, cronies and sahabats. 

As for the providing of technological services and retail of gadgets....the Malays have still a lot to learn from the Chinese. Why not learn from them first and then down the road when the Malays have the required know how and expertise, by all means built them a Low Yat 2....until then please lah don't "Lowyar Burok" to the Malays.

How many Malays who are really in need of "technological services" are prepared to go to other Malays for that service? Ini bukan barang seperti petrol, beras because technological services depends on the ability of the provider of those service to do a good job! 

I am sure there are now Malays as competent as the Chinese in these sector...but are there enough Malays to service the needs of the many Malays who are seeking their services?

Do as the Chinese do....put your nose to the grindstone and do what you have to do. No chest thumping to tell the others that we can do this or we can do that. No announcement that they intend to compete with the Malays in this field or that Nike says ..

You idiots from Umno selalu buat camni!

and when you do it this way
                                                        you piss on the Malays, 
                                                            you piss on Umno 
and you piss on yourself!

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