Saturday 12 December 2015

Quickies : Cheers to Sarawak!

Islam no more official religion on Sarawak government website

KUCHING, Dec 11 ― The Barisan Nasional (BN) Sarawak government appears to have removed a statement asserting Islam as the Borneo state’s official religion from its website, days after it was raised in the recent sitting of the state legislative assembly here.
A check of the website by Malay Mail Online today showed the statement “The official religion in Sarawak is Islam” is now missing without any explanation on the governmental website.

steadyaku47 comment : 

I would like to comment on the above news item with a caveat : It is my belief that it is nobody's business but that of the State Government of Sarawak what religion it chooses as its official religion.

Now on to my comment : What will the Bugis Warrior (NOT!) and president of Umno now chose to do with Sarawak? Umno has promised to uphold the interest of Muslims and Islam in Malaysia. And Sarawak is part of Malaysia is it not? And if Sarawak has chosen to remove Islam as the official religion of Sarawak then have not Umno and its president failed in their determination to uphold and promote Islam with every breath in their self? 

So how now? 

Umno has should it's president "hembus nafas yang terakhir" to make good his promise to defend Umno to his last breath? Siapa setuju?   

And one last thing....cheers for Sarawak!  


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