Thursday 17 December 2015

Melayu miskin dulu.....'takdir, cobaan, dugaan, kena sabar, banyaklah tawakkal, berdoalah, banyaklah beribadat' will not help!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

How Much Longer Will The Malays Keep Quiet And Buat Tak Tahu?

Here is a comment from today about the situation in Malaysia:
  • Aeon Seremban is closing down 31 Dec 2015.
  • Aeon Penang is closing down too end Dec 2015.
  • Giant supermarket at Segamat is closing down too.

baru balik dari Aeon Big Kota Damansara petang tadi lengang
Saya tanya cashier apasal sikit sgt org..dia senyum je. 
Tempat parking kereta boleh main bola.

memang sudah start slow down

In the next few weeks, close to 20,000 workers will lose their jobs in Malaysia

Banks, finance houses, electronic companies, oil and gas companies, PMC and many more firms.

Just a few weeks ago, the Moron said if they did not collect that RM32b in GST taxes, the gomen will not have money to pay the salaries of Civil Servants.

Now they are saying that the salaries of Civil Servants will be increased next year. Where are they going to get the money?

Today I heard it again that the Jalan Masjid India area is facing serious problems. 

First of all that mamak retailer fellow linked to the Hippo is facing serious cash flow problems. Over extended, borrowed too much money and now business being killed by GST.  

Cashflow tight and that big shopping complex near Masjid India they took over is not generating enough cash.

Also the talk is the Hippo has cut him loose.  Does not want to be linked to a textile merchant ha ha ha.

Businesses are closing down in Masjid India.  "For Rent" signs are popping up.

Two bumi shoplots are now available for sale at the ground floor of Wisma Yakin alone.  (Melayu miskin dulu).

Tudung sellers cannot pay RM10,000 a month rental for their lots.  They are closing down. They cannot even pay if there is a 50% discount ie  RM5000 a month. Business is very bad.

Full sized shops are renting for RM90,000 per month. Less prominent spots are renting for RM40,000 per month.

Businesses operating here will be closing down or renegotiating their rentals. 

All because of GST and Minimum Wages. 

Many of those affected are Malay stall owners. Melayu miskin dulu. They are going out of business.

How much longer will the Malay people be able to bear this? I think I have the answer.

Until their pockets literally become empty. Like a car running out of gas and then just stopping dead on the road, so will the Malay people tolerate all this until they literally run out of money in their pockets.
Even then they may just say, 'takdir, cobaan, dugaan, kena sabar, banyaklah tawakkal, berdoalah, banyaklah beribadat' or something similar. 
This is a very unique situation in the history of the human race.  

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