Saturday 12 December 2015

cakap cakap...aiyah there is no donation why bring Najib into the picture!

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The original post by Chris Prasad on his personal Facebook profile

steadyaku47 comment: 

10.07 pm Saturday night. I have just put my wife to bed...she is not asleep yet. From time to time she looks my way. Sometimes smiling, sometimes with a questioning look wondering when I too will come to bed and lie down beside her. Every now and then I will stop my work on this blog and go and lie down beside her for a few minutes and urge her to sleep....but I know that sleep will not come until she is ready for it. And for now she is not ready to sleep ....yet! 

I have just come across Chris Prasad post about the young Malay traffic policeman who stopped traffic so that an old Chinese man with a walking stick could cross the busy Jalan Gasing main road to get to St Francis Xavier church on the other side of the road.

Surely that is what being Malaysian is all about...but what exactly was my first thought on this? Let me share them with you all.

The Mufti. 
How soon before a Mufti pass judgement on what this young Malay Muslim traffic policeman did? How soon before a Mufti tells us all that it is haram for a Muslim to help an infidel Chinese to cross any road so that the infidel can go to church? 

And...yes there is an "and"....and that Mufti will also tell us... "What will happen if other Muslim help other infidels go to church? You might just as well go fetch the infidel from his house and drive him to the Church! Is it not blasphemous for a Muslim to facilitate infidels to worship their God?"......and the Mufti will then say that in his opinion (which for most Umno Muslims is gospel!) for what he did that young Malay traffic policeman deserves nothing else than to rot in Neraka/Hell!

And if a Muslim was to ask the Mufti as to what is SOP (standard operating procedure) should the Policeman had to stop a Muslim doing the horizontal mambo with his wife on top of a Camel to allow the infidel to cross the road to worship the devil?  The Mufti will surely answer that the Camel will have right of way over any infidel!

And what will the IGP says? 

The IGP will tweet that the police force under his command have been instructed to do just that - be people friendly (not true! ....not true!). 

He will also tweet that there is no need to recruit any additional Chinese into PDRM because he has instructed the Malays in PDRM to help the non-Malays (not true!.....not true!.

Then he will tweet that all his officers have been trained to be color blind and non-judgemental towards non-Muslims...(not true!....not true!). 

And last but not least, the IGP will quietly stamp NFA (No Further Action) on the young Malay Traffic Policeman file so that nothing will be done to promote that young policeman to any other position. After all the IGP is a Muslim and he does not want to be branded an infidel by the Mufti for allowing his officers to help infidels to cross the road and go worship Jesus in any church.

What of Umno? 

They will see the Chinese old man who needs a walking stick to walk, as being a threat  to the Malay race and to Islam. 

How so? 

For Umno any Chinese (old, young, able or disable) who is still breathing is a threat to the Malays. If the China man is still breathing then he is using up oxygen there is less oxygen for the Malays ma! 

And if he is going to Church then surely Islam will be under threat as that infidel prays not only for himself but also for other Christians to do what Christ has asked them to do.....Matthew 28:19 ....Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

And surely that nation mentioned above will include Malaysia where Islam reigns?   So that old Chinese man is a threat to Islam.

What will Najib say?

Aiyah there is no donation why bring Najib into the picture!


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