Saturday 5 December 2015

Najib Razak - Dead Man Walking!

We can no longer keep within our borders all that is wrong within our country. The whole world now knows!

We are endlessly shamed by the antics of a Prime Minister who is clueless to the utter contempt and disgust so many of us feel in the manner he conducts himself privately and publicly

We are constantly embarrass by that bootlicker, apple -polisher, lackey, lapdog, running dog, minion, stooge, groveler,fawner, lickspittle, suck-up toady of an IGP whose every actions has caused PDRM to be now viewed with disgust and odium by so many of us.

There are many others who have willingly become part of these casts of perverts who have been converted to be ardent lapdogs of Najib Razak because of that bulging stash of cash in Najib's bank account  - too many for me to list here but most of them are Malays and members of Umno!

For now they rule the roost in Putrajaya where this remnants of a once noble political entity that once I too called my own but not anymore - still governs. Yes Umno still calls the shots as the latest approval by Parliament of the NSC bills indicates but what is left is merely an illusion of power. The politically powerful may impose their odious will upon us for now but real power comes from our willingness to allow them to govern....and we are no longer willing to allow them to do that!

Look at the above image of Najib think back of the images of Gaddafi days before he met his end......


and soon he met his end.

The same with Saddam Hussein, Marcos, Ceiscescu and all those despots, dictators and leaders who for a moment in time thought the world was theirs to do as they like..... for a moment in time they thought that "Cash was King" and that political power was forever. No my friends, cash will sooner rather than later, run out..... and political power is fleeting. 

So again I ask that you look at the above image of Najib and ask yourself if that is not an already dead man still walking?  

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