Friday 25 December 2015

We are a Great Country.....

steadyaku47 comment : If you think you have problems......just chill for a moment and read about the problems this guy has ...and then maybe you will realize that compared to the problem this guys has, maybe yours is not really a problem worth worrying about....such is life.

Melbourne City Mission
Nonprofit caring for Hassan Asif


As the community organisation caring for Hassan Asif, we welcome the Australian Government’s decision to grant visitor visas to Mr Asif’s mother and brother.

Sherri Bruinhout, Director of Homelessness and Justice Services, said preparations are underway to get the family on a plane to Australia as soon as possible, in order to honour Hassan's wish to have his mother and brother by his bedside as he receives end-of-life care in Melbourne.

‘‘I want to thank the government of Australia and all the people of Australia and Melbourne City Mission for supporting me with my case. And allowing me to be with my Mum and my brother. Thank you so much’’ Mr Asif said regarding the decision. 

Australian authorities in Pakistan last week rejected the family’s initial application to travel to Australia to be by Hassan’s side. 

“On behalf of Hassan, Melbourne City Mission would like to thank the Australian Government for their willingness to re-examine the family’s visa application,” Ms Bruinhout said.

“Everyone involved is grateful that Australian authorities in Pakistan were willing to consider the new information we were able to present to them. We also wish to thank the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, and his staff for their compassionate response.

“Melbourne City Mission also expresses gratitude to the thousands of Australians who have sent Hassan messages of support and offered their time and resources to help Hassan to be reunited with his family. We are a great country.”

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