Thursday 9 February 2017


Citizen Nades R
SHOULD I TELL OR SHOULD NOT TELL? I just came back from the wet market shopping for the weekend. I put the change from the pork seller, fish monger, vegetable stall etc in my wallet. I am going to the supermarket later for detergent, soft drinks, cheese etc. Should I tell the checkout cashier that I am paying for my purchases with "contaminated" money? I am serious and no smart ads anwers please! What about the "experts" who always want make a stand?

steadyaku47 comment : Some of you may smile, some may frown....some may decide to report Citizen Nades to Jakim or the proper religious authorities who may or may not, take him to task for being a threat to whatever lah. Jokes the powers that be in Putrajaya understand what they have done and are still doing to Islam? 
In my time....which is a few decades one....especially the other races who practise other religion, would even think of making any adverse  comment on Islam. They do not do so not because Jakim is watching over their shoulders to nab them if they ever do so. They do not do so not because they are worried that they will be make that the authorities if they do so. 
No none of the above. 
They do not pass any adverse comment on Islam because there was mutual respect for each others religious beliefs. Nor do the Muslims of my era pass judgement on the religious beliefs of others. 
We gave respect for the temples and churches because to others there were their house of worship...just as the mosques were the Muslims house of worship. There were magnificent Churches and Temples all around us. None of them were considered a threat to the Muslims then! 
No problems with Cadbury Chocolates, no problems with paint brushes and certainly no problems with any halal or non halal issues. Muslims of my era used their brains to work out for themselves what is halal and what is non halal.....I mean it is no big deal is it? But today it is different....because it is politically expedient for Umno to have the Muslim and non-Muslims kept on tenterhooks in matters of religion...while the biggest culprits that goes against the teachings of Islam are really the politicians themselves! 
I rest my case.

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