Friday 10 February 2017

SULTAN PAHANG, DINA and CARLA : Dina's comment on the matter :

On Thursday last I posted this article on my blog about the Sultan of Pahang

Thursday, 9 February 2017  SULTAN PAHANG, DINA and CARLA

This is Dina's comment on the article : 

Cooper Assuncion Deanne 
Someone PM me asking why my dghtr is still "illegitimate child".??? whereas, Muslim ppl can marry many wives according, to the laws in Islam...there shouldn't be no more illegitimate children in that case... well, he makes sense!
But, my answer to him was: "IF A PERSON IS RESPONSIBLE AND NOT A COWARD AND TRULY FOLLOWS THE TEACHINGS & IMPORTANCE OF ISLAM"...that will answer his questions..
It's not the woman that will decide of getting married in the first place, it SHOULD BE THE MAN (GENTLEMAN) THAT WOULD INITIATE IN DOING SO IN ACCEPTING THE RESPONSIBILITY of having a child. Because, a CHILD OR NOBODY ASKED TO BE BORN IN THIS WORLD..(its the responsibility of the adult...)) But, in my case, this was coercion, manipulation and rape,
I never entered into a relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend nor did I seduced or flirted with him... but, due to circumstances of having all his aides & power as the "AGONG" in 1980 of Malaysia. Nevertheless, I succumbed inevitably without any helped.

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