Saturday 18 February 2017

M.L. Zolkifflee : Yang saya nampak tapak kasut tu kotor dan perlu dibasuh..

M.L. Zolkifflee 

Viral yg berlegar di whatsapp group yg saya terima hari ini. Sila la ambil kanta pembesar. Kat mana tulisan Allah di tapak kasut tu saya masih tak nampak. Yang saya nampak tapak kasut tu kotor dan perlu dibasuh..

steadyaku47 comment : 

The last headmaster in my life was NJ MCKK....truly a giant among headmasters and God forbid if it ever crossed my mind that the late NJ Ryan was anything less than a God to me during my time under his charge. 

This Armia bin Mahboob, Guru Besar Sekolah Agama Bandar Batu Pahat, whose letter to the IbuBapa/Penjaga Murid of students at her school I have posted above, is something else. 

Calling him an idiot besmirches the standing of the many idiots that walks the corridor of power at Putrajaya. 

Call him a moron would mean that I would give this headmaster the same standing as those two moron, the IGP and AG, whose reputation as being corrupt and arse lickers of najib had already been established. This headmaster deserve less.

This headmaster deserves a category all by himself for being able to discern that the "ALLAH" moniker has been found to be on the sole of the above shoes! And if those shoes are found you should "membakar di dalam lobang tanah dan di nimbus abu nya".


As MLZ said " Yang saya nampak tapak kasut tu kotor dan perlu dibasuh."..... I would have to agree! Setuju! Banging puny headmaster!

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