Friday 10 February 2017

Malaysia Hari Ini : Padan Muka : Now all paint brush labelled "non-halal"!

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 ― Some hardware traders in Johor Baru have taken to…

steadyaku47 comment

These bloody "halal tak halal" brigade has been checkmate by the Cina Hardware traders. 
Now all paint brush are labelled as "non-halal". 
I can just picture those Cina Hardware store owners smiling quietly among themselves...and why not? I am sure many Melayu, me included,  and many many more Malaysians (all infidels in as far as Umno are concern!), are also quietly laughing to themselves over breakfast as they read the Malay Mail story.

What is the next step that this Melayu/Islamic Umno led government will take to teach the Cina Hardware trader a lesson?   

Remember that IT Mall for Bumputra only?  

Mixed reactions to Malaysia's first Bumiputera-only digital mall ...’s-first-Bumiputera-only-digital-mall
Dec 18, 2015 - 10 posts - ‎6 authors

Quote: KUALA LUMPUR: In early December, Malaysia launched its “first” digital mall exclusively for traders who are Bumiputera, the collective ...

Mara Digital traders lament shortage of stock | Free Malaysia Today

Dec 21, 2016 - Ismail had proposed the setting-up of the Mara Digital Mall after a riot at Low Yat Plaza in 
July 2015. He had said the new Bumiputera-only mall ... 17, 2015 - Blogger Hafidz Baharom believes anything that is just "Malay only" on ... in a majority Malay community in Shah Alam with multiple malls which ...
I am just waiting for some Umno idiot, (preferably a Datuk or a Tan Sri), to suggest ..."Why not a Bumiputra Only Paint Brush Mall" ...complete with it's own building, own supplier from a Islamic kosher manufactuer who will have to supply to one exclusive distributor (who happens to be an Umno YB), plus a generous "non interest pay when you can" grant from MARA........and quicker than you can say "kepalahotakmakengkau"  the Muslims will have a place to go buy their "halal" paint brush!

Please do not accuse me of saying that Umno members are idiots. I did not say such things! What I say is that they should be treated as idiots! 

But I digress....

Moral of this story? Leave those paint brush alone ma! Many other things wrong with our country...a corrupt PM, corrupt Ministers, corrupt KSU's etc etc.

I rest my case.

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Abdullah Osman Now we touch on more things that brushes.
1. Hair Brushes
2. Face Brushes for make-up application

3. Shoe Brushes
4. Tooth Brushes
How sure are these not made from hog bristle

steadyaku47 comment : saya nak tanya....kak rosmah pakai "brush' mana untuk make-up? This one?
or this one?

Jangan marah ya...saya tanya aja.....!

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