Saturday 18 February 2017

Kuhan Kuhan Kalaiselvan

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Datuk Ann Dev Marianthony
Dear teachers, 

I hereby request your whole hearted support for Kuhan Kuhan Kalaiselvan, a 16 year-old former Tamil school student from SJK (T) Haji Manan,a promising talent in track and field and a academic top scorer, who have been penalised by the unjust school management of Sekolah Tinggi Kluang, Kluang, Johor by denying his 400m win and record with baseless accusation. What really happened was as follows :

On 15.02.2017, Wednesday, Kuhan didn't go to school in the morning and stayed at home as per the doctors advice, with valid MC.In the evening, he felt better and went to school to take part in his 400m event. A so-called sports teacher of the school with called Miss Juanita has apparently banned him from taking part, stating his absence in the morning as a reason. However, after some good hearted teachers protested against the ban, she let him run anyway. 

Kuhan Kalai Selvan managed to win the race by breaking the school record, clicking 51.04 seconds (SUKMA record : 49 seconds). 

However, what happened next was the most dumbest and laughable act by any school management possible. They disallowed Kuhan's win and and record! The following day, a jury of 5 including Miss Juanita and principal Mr Rozali, summoned Kuhan and investigated him for doping by asking how can you break a record after recovering from injury, and what kind of medication did he took.

Can you believe the level of stupidity involved? A school penalising its own child mentally emotionally? When the parents try to have a word with the principal, Mr Rozali has acted so rudely, stating that it's 'his school' and 'his rules. ' 

Majority of the Sekolah Tinggi Kluang students are supporting Kuhan and they are showering their support in Facebook, whatsapp and Twitter. 

I'm begging all the teachers, who are selflessly educating children for years, to form solidarity and show your support for Kuhan so that another discrimination of similar magnitude would not happen in future. Pls share, pls expose the unscrupulous and unethical conduct of Sekolah Tinggi Kluang towards true sportsmanship. Thank you. Malaysia Boleh!


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