Tuesday 21 February 2017

An open letter to the President Armed Forces Veteran Association.

An open letter to the President Armed Forces Veteran Association.

I received many responses to the short write-up I wrote regarding an announcement to gather more than 100,000 veterans to an assembly in July this year, allegedly made by you at a recently held Round table Conference attended by the various Armed Forces Veteran Associations in KL. I am not privy to the reason(s) for the assembly, and the number of veterans to be gathered is unusually large. I then begin to question myself as to the purpose of the mammoth assembly, and it soon strike me to a rumour that has been going around of a possible GE14 to be held anytime before the end of this year.
I don't think you made the announcement on your own accord, but I strongly believe the announcement was prompted by someone high in the nation's political hierarchy, and in all probability with selfish political agendas. I can only think of this i.e. the assembly is to propagate and influence the minds of veterans to support the current political regime. 
The ruling regime must understand what the Armed Forces Veterans had stood for, and many had lost their lives, and many others maimed for the rest of their lives in defence of the nation. The ruling regime today cannot question the loyalty of the veterans for they have proven themselves to have served the nation and King faithfully, that had brought about the prevailing peace and security of the nation today.
The issues affecting the nation today are startling and there is now a raising concern that the nation of which we defended with our lives will even lose it sovereignty to a foreign nation if the present regime remains ignorant to this three central issues i.e. firstly, the massive national debt that is simply balloning; secondly, the selling off ouright large tracts of land to a foreign company on the pretext of joint development and thirdly, the willingness to allow a foreign company to further develop the sea ports of Malacca and Kuantan on the pretext to facilitate and improve commercial shipping. Now, just tell me who is actually financing all these massive projects when we know the national coffer couldn't simply afford it. Are these loans taken from the foreign company that will only be paid many years later? Were all these projects thoroughly debated and approved by parliament? Who actually proposed and approved the projects bearing in mind the nation's affordability to repay the loans? Now let me tell you this i.e. that all these projects will have a long term security impact on the nation and I just wonder if the Armed Forces chiefs and leaders of our police force were ever consulted about these projects. If they were consulted and had approved it, then I say they are all foolish and are equally ignorant as their political masters as to the long term security impact these projects will bear upon the nation. One only have to read what is happening to Sri Lanka today.
Now, going back to the proposed mass assembly of veterans, I demand the purpose of the assembly be reasoned out to us. If it has the slightest political connotation i.e. to boost the image of our political masters to meet their self serving political agendas, then I demand most sincerely that the assembly be called off.

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David Swami Very well articulated, sir. Good one.
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Wan Mohammad Akbar I strongly support and second this letter.
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Abdul Halim Shah It is a timely wake up call to the President of the Veterans Association. He should remain apolitical at all times, for if he is condescending to the request of Najib, he shall no more be credible person to lead the veterans. He should convey to Najib the message from all fair minded members that the Association should not become the tool of even the PM. Instead the Association should tell Najib that compromising the country's security by giving too much face to China will bring ruin to our children and grandchildren.
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Kamsani Mohd Salleh As former PAT, integrity and apolotical is the main reason we support you become the President. Please do not betray us and eat your own principle
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Zainal Abidin Dan An excellent and timely letter, Pak Chad. Suggest you write another letter, this time to the Chairman/Secretary of the General Circle, to ask for support of your of your wake up call.
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Ramli Mohamad Well said Dato'. I can assure you the majority of the veterans are with you.
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Khair Parlan Saya sokong apa yg YBhg Dato Mohd Arshad Raji Rajitulis..100%. Mohon shareSee translation
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William Arul As I look at it now, it would seem like lives have been lost and sacrifices made more to profit UMNO's hold on the nation and the plunder of its wealth. I don't know if they even know that there is a nation here.
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