Sunday 12 February 2017

Pak Arshad : I WILL BE THE FIRST...

Dear FB Followers,
It has come to my ears that some big short in UMNO had instructed Persatuan Veteran Tentera Malaysia to gather 100,000 veterans to an assembly in July this year as a show of support for Najib and his kleptocratic regime. Can someone confirm this and if it is true, I will be the first to instigate veterans not to be a party to the 'crimes' committed by this kleptocratic regime. have all sacrificed your dear lives to give this nation its freedom, peace and prosperity. Now tell me, who is the thief that had stolen billions of rakyat's money and lied to say that he is innocent of any wrongdoing if it isn't that top UMNO leader? Would you all that had sacrificed your dear lives want to join the assembly to support that thief? Search your soul for only a fool would say yes.

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