Sunday 19 February 2017

cakap cakap...THE MALAYS

At the risk of being label whatever it is that people would want to label me...let me make my stand clear on a number of issues.

I do not need anybody to tell me that the Malays, of which I am one, are blind to what Malay politicians are doing to advance their own personal political agenda.

I do not need for anyone to tell me that the Muftis, Jakim, Jawi and all those so called Islamic authorities, entities or "what have you" masquerading as doing ALLAH's work on Earth are doing the bidding of their political masters who pays them their salaries to enable them to put rice on their family table each day.

I do not need for any infidels, or any other Malays for that matter, to tell me to open my eyes to the prosecution and persecution of the other races, other religions and those whose thoughts, ideas and ideals differ from those of umno, pas or for that matter any other Islamic authorities!

And let no other Malaysian tell me that for as long as the Malays have the numbers and are convinced that Malaysia is their Tanah Air, and that Islam is their religion of choice to be imposed and hold sway not only over the Malays but over any one else that chooses to make Malaysia their home....that is how long this nation, its people and its future will be mired in the toxic abyss of ignorance, racial and religious emptiness and nothingness.

I know all this....and more. 

For as long as I could think for myself I have already asked myself what role will I allow religion to play in my life. From the time I could think for myself I have already asked why should I allow anyone to tell me that the Chinese and the other races are a threat to my own survival. To my own existence. To my own ability to survive in what they tell me is my own Tanah Air. And from the time I could think for myself, I resolve that all this, and more, I will work out for myself, rationalise for myself and make my own decision on religion, race and politics. And with all things that has to do with life....with MY life, I will carefully think for myself and weigh the pros and cons of what is around me, within me and without me.....and then come to a conclusion that, in my own mind, is not only right, but fair and correct to myself and more important, to those that I love, that I care for and for all those that are living in the world with me.

And yet with all this in mind....I also understand that while I may like to have my Nescafe black...there are others who will not drink Nescafe without milk or cream. Hell there are many others who will not even drink Nescafe!

I understand that while I choose to live in Melbourne there are others who will not live anywhere else but in Hutan Melintang or Batang Berjuntai or Pontianak because to them,  that is Home. And they see no reasons to leave Home for Melbourne. 

And much to my chagrin, I also understand and accept that while I consider the thieving, robbing, swindling eldest son of Tun Razak, namely one najib razak, to be the scum of this earth....there are many others who will worship the very earth he walks on and kiss his hands that have just scratch his balls while he was in the toilet just before he turun padang to met his adoring masses.

And that my friend is how most of us live our life. The giving, getting and sharing and accepting that we are all different from the other and yet we are all the same - for are we all not of the same kind? The Human kind? Unity in diversity? Live and let live?

I wish it was so. 

Common sense will tell you it is not for there are many among us who will take what is not rightful theirs. Steal even from others, what they want. There are many among us that will use race and religion for their personal agenda. And worse, there are many who will do you physical harm. They will deprive you of your god given rights to live your own life as you think fit and freedom to think and do as you please in as long as you do no harm to others...and they will do all this because they can! They will do this because political power confers upon them the ability to do so. Such is the state of our nation today. And it is so because umno is the political force dominant over everything else. 

I saw this happening in Malaysia over three decades ago and not wanting my children to grow up in that place...I left Malaysia to live elsewhere. In Australia to be exact. So for those of you who do not know me not preach to me about what is happening in Malaysia today...about the Malays, about race and religion and about Umno and politicians who abuse the electoral trust the people has given them when they were elected to public office. 

Of for that matter, do not blame any Malay for what you perceived to be the weakness of the Malays or of Muslims to accept the abuses and misuses of Public Office by Malays who now have political power. You do not know the individual circumstances of the Malays who have had to live under umno and under the Islam that umno propagate to advance their political agenda. 

I could, and did, tell umno and najib to F**K OFF and go live elsewhere. They could not. 
And when your periok nasi is dependent on what najib and umno does....what else can you do but allow najib and umno to be in government in the hope that what they do while in government will advantage you personally and hopefully, the Malays and Islam in general....for most of the Malay masses this is what matters in their life for now. 
Will the Malays change? 

Why not ask if your thoughts and the thoughts of your father and those of your own blood had remained constant throughout out the ages? Nothing does! It will change and we can only hope, for the better! And that is all we can hope for to happen....and if you can be that agent for positive change that will benefit us all and benefit our nation....who not be it?
This is why I do this blog. That is why I spend hours writing and trying to make you guys stop a while on this the hope that what you read here will make you do what I do to try and make change happen....and that is simply this. 

People are different from you and me. If you want them to come onto our side....go sit with them, share a drink or a meal with them....and talk. And in the talking listen to what they have to say...listen to their hopes, their aspirations and their fear and try to understand why they think they way they do. And when you listen to can only hope that they too will listen to you....and maybe.....just maybe....the two of you can walk together towards the Malaysia that we all want and aspire to. 



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