Monday 20 February 2017

Pak Arshad : Let not the Armed Forces Veterans "be angered by the foolishness of greed and self serving interest by those in power today".

I was with a group of Armed Forces veterans yesterday, and unavoidably our discussion is centered around the well being of the nation today. Of course, when one discusses 'issues of state', one cannot avoid raising the name of Najib and some of his loyalist i.e. the likes of Salleh Keruak, Ahmad Dahlan, Shahrir Samad and Nazri Aziz to name a few. From the ensuing discussion, I can conclude that the concern of veterans today are the uncertainities arising from the 1 MDB scandal involving Najib, and the huge financial losses (and in all probability through financial mismanagement and abuse) of GLCs namely Felda, Mara and Tabung Haji and corruption involving high public officials. There is strong resentment among veterans to the aforesaid damning issues, and I could also sense a strong dislike and even hatred towards the ruling regime. I hope the concerns of veterans towards the issues inflicting the well being of the nation today isn't ignored by the ruling regime because they were the people that had brought peace and security to the nation. Let the ruling regime be warned that there are more than 200,000 veterans that had sacrificed their lives and many maimed in defence of the nation, and let them not be angered by the foolishness of greed and self serving interest by those in power today.

steadyaku47 comment : Tabek Pak Arshad! This group of Armed Forces Veterans, like many other Malaysians "Veterans," must, for now, hold their peace even if the provocation from those who do government in our name have abused and misused their public office for personal gain. 

They must hold their peace simply because there is still a process within our nation for orderly elections and transfer of political power when elections are won or lost. Yes I would be the first to agree that there have been abuses of not only the electoral process but also the wholesale re engineering of our population to advantage umno and bn in the electoral process.....but nevertheless, that process for the orderly transfer of political power is still in place, however fragile. 

May I respectfully suggest that what the Armed Forces Veterans and other Malaysians "Veterans" must try and do is to ensure that that process of change is given the best possible opportunity to function independently of any political abuse by najib, umno, bn or the opposition. Then, and only then, can the change that we aspire to, be achieved within the democratic process we cherish.

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