Friday 17 February 2017

In Australia I am one of the "not many".

As of 6th February 2017...that's a couple of weeks back...the population of Australia is 24,353,000 - and that includes Permanent Residents of which I am one. 

New figures from the Bureau of Statistics estimate the number of Asian-born residents in Australia has virtually doubled in the past decade from 1.03 million in mid-2000 to 2.01 million in mid-2010. In that time, they have made up a third of Australia's population growth. 
I am one of the 2.01 million.

Of this approximately 150,000 are Malaysian.

Of the 150,000 many are Malays? 

Not many. I am one of the "not many".

And yet as one of the "not many", at no time during the 30 years that I have lived in Australia, have I ever felt discriminated against, threatened, overwhelmed, segregated, isolated, abused or harassed because I am a Malay. Never! Not dulu, not kini and for certain not for selama lamanya. 

In Malaysia, the Malays, of which I am one, makes up 50.4 per cent of the population. Numerically the Malays dominate. In all things Malaysian, the Malays dominate.

Then why do I , Malay, feel threatened if I were to go back to Malaysia today - either for a visit or to reside? Threatened not by the other races, not by the other religions but by my own government?

Why should I, a Malay, feel not safe in my own country of birth and in a country where I am still a citizen? 

Simply said, the authorities do not like what I write in my blog. The moment I step onto Malaysian soil I will be a "person of interest" to the authorities....and the same goes for other Malays who think and do what I do to vent their frustration and contempt in the manner this Umno led BN government does government.

Why does Umno not like Malays like me?

Why the Malays are so important to Umno.

Sometime in the last six decades, Umno came up with the politically brilliant idea of having a class of Malaysian who they will make into being the first among equals of all Malaysians. Yes all Malaysians are equals but the Bumiputras are the first among equals...and with that brilliant political idea came all the things that needed to be done to ensure that the Bumiputra will stay first among equals. Bumiputra status. Ketuanan Melayu, Islam as THE religion for Malaysia and all the do's and don't's to maintain that status quo. In time the line between the Malays needing Umno to maintain their Ketuanan and Umno needing the Malays to stay in government became deliberately blurred by Umno. 

If you take away the "bumiputra" status from the Malays, what need is there to have Umno?
But for Umno their mind set is that without Umno there will be no Bumiputra. No ketuanan Melayu. It is the Malays that needs Umno and not the other way around. 

And when there are Malays like me, who disagree with what Umno says it is doing for the Malays ...we become a problem to Umno. 

Now the really big problem for Umno is that the number of Malays who now disagree - for whatever reasons - with Umno, has got to the stage where a tipping point has been almost reached beyond which Umno will no longer have the ability to hold on to government. Even if they buy votes, even if they further redefine electoral boundaries to favour Umno. And even if they do anything else to hold on to government short of imposing their political will upon Malaysians to allow them to continue to govern....i.e. impose Darurat....once that tipping point is breached, Umno will be history.    

So Malays like me are traitors to the cause of the Malays, to Islam and to Umno. And you know what nations does to people who are traitors to their cause. And so going back to Malaysia to be branded a traitor to the cause of the Malays, Islam and Umno is not something I want to subject my mental and physical self to. Period. 


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