Friday 17 February 2017

My Life.

At 70 this year, I have finally found my niche in Life after having lived in K Hell, London, Bombay, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and finally Melbourne. A small affordable apartment in Melbourne's inner suburb, enough money to keep body and soul together with all my needs taken care of, and now just about to embark on probably the last great adventure of my Life....writing, real serious writing...and of course, on the side, blogging.  

A old man could not ask for more. Life is Good.

My Favourite Spot in The Apartment Where I Write. By My Side, Our Beds. And behind me CD's and Books

My Trusted Cup : Bought Second Hand at a Garage Sale : It has got Queen Elizabeth 2 stamped on it's side in gold....well looks like gold, feel like gold but cannot be gold because I only paid Aud. $5 for a pair of them. 

Our Living Room

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