Tuesday 21 February 2017

Malaysia Hari Ini : 1MDB : The scale of fraud, forgery, lying, looting and attempted cover up is truly breathtaking

steadyaku47 comment : This is what I wake up to this morning. 

This mother (the flying hippo) and son (riza aziz ) team of thieves and robbers, when outed by the the United States Department of Justice, do not quietly and shamefully crawl into a hole to hide from! no! no!.....they fight tooth and nail to hang on to their ill gotten gains. No embarrassment, no loss of face....tak malu langsong!....greed conquers all sensibilities.  Come.....let us all pray...."May they both, (and also that step father of his - the bugis warrior) rot in Hell!"

The Middle Eastern ‘Donor’ excuse comes up again! According to his lawyers Riza didn’t know this was how he got the money. In their immortal phrase he is the “innocent owner” of his string of properties and production company. So, he can’t be blamed or have any of these things (his Beverly Hills mansion, Belgravia town house, New York penthouse, film company profits) taken away from him. Just like his step-dad Najib, the lawyers say, Riza put his good fortune down to the inexplicable generosity of a Middle Eastern gentleman, who just happened to be involved in a joint venture with 1MDB:

E.S. Shankar The odd durian runtuh is 1 thing, 'donations' amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, another! The scale of fraud, forgery, lying, looting and attempted cover up is truly breathtaking! Najib and Rosmah must pay with their heads lopped off!
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