Monday 20 February 2017

Alfred Gnana Rokiam : The DAP is a Chinese Centric Party

steadyaku47 comment : I have just read what AGR has sent me in reply to my recent  article "Kalau kau rasa umno terok terhadap Islam dan Melayu, bayangkan sekiranya dap berkuasa" posted earlier today. I do not necessarily agree fully with what he has written but what he has sent me I want to share with you guys because we all have our "druthers" in things political. I hope to engage AGR in "conversation" on this matter later...away from this public platform. As for me, I am still of the opinion that if being on the side of Tun Mahathir is wrong....then I do not want to be right!

Alfred Gnana Rokiam

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Sir, with due respect, I take issue with your piece above. I was a staunch supporter of the opposition in the previous 2 General elections. In fact I played a very miniscule role in helping with the campaign galvanising support for the opposition. However, I m despondent and disillusioned with the opposition (, in particular with the DAP). I state my reasons as follows:-

1),The DAP is willing to sleep with anyone in order to oppose UMNO and their cohorts. At first it went to bed with. Semangat 46, later it went to bed with pkr. At the cajoling of AI, it shared the bed with PAS. Now, after cerai talak with PAS, it's ready to go to bed with amanah and the new party helmed by the octogenarian who refuse to go away. (, I hope you understand who is the octogenarian I m referring to here).

2. The DAP, no matter how hard it tries is a Chinese centric party. Lately, its courting disgruntled Malays from UMNO. Its principle stand is to provide a clean government. While its a salutary stand, look at its partners. I am firm with my believe that all our ills today (, including the grand thief of malaysia) is the end result of more than 20 years of the octogenarian rule. Now, the DAP goes to him to assist them dispose the grand thief. To my small mind, I feel that its betrayal of the voters mandate to the DAP. I won't be surprised if in a few years time DAP goes to the grand thief who is in retirement then to foster an alliance with him to dispose whoever is the UMNO Pm then.

3) I understand the malay community's trepidation and fear when it comes to the DAP. The party must shed its image of Chinese centric. Look at its office bearers. Even the Indian office bearers are there just as an appendage. Let's not talk about malay office bearers.

Sir, I predict that the selangor state will return to UMNO in the next election unless drastic measures are taken to redress the problems ailing the ruling coalition there. Even kelantan, the purported second mecca is going to fall to UMNOin the next election. PAS, is going to be fooled by UMNO with its Hudud dream.

I hope my view is palatable enough for you to publish it on your blog.

Thank you sir. 

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