Sunday 16 April 2017

cakap cakap...RAFIZI RAMLI

Early Sunday morning....onto my second cup of tea and my thoughts goes to places I do not want it to go. 

I do not want to think about K Hell on a Sunday morning. I do not want to discuss, debate or have a discourse with me, myself and I, on the state of our nation on a Sunday morning. And Sunday morning is not the time for me to think what the future will bring for all things Malaysians.

But you and I know that all this is wishful impossibility...given the state of our nation today.

If you surf the NET last will not be able to ignore Rafizi presence. 

Like the cape crusader who do battle against the evil forces of society, Rafizi is relentlessly chipping at najib, umno and bn's already rotting foundation....but I must ask this of the opposition. Is Rafizi marching to his own drum beat? 

I do not see any significant presence from the opposition in his many public exposure of the abuse and use of political power and public office for personal financial gain by najib, umno and bn. What not?

Is Rafizi going it alone in the things that he is now doing? Is INVOKE an opposition initiative or Rafizi's? Is Rafizi becoming a "disruptive" presence within PKR? If yes...why? If no...then where is PKR and the opposition "support" for what Rafizi is doing?

In truth I do not really want any answers to what I ask....I only want the opposition to understand that the rakyat will not tolerate division within their ranks...for whatever reasons, for whatever purpose and for whatever ends - personal or party.    

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