Sunday 30 April 2017

Indonesia means Hindu Nation.

Receive this under mention memo from Indonesian Friend : 
'Malays forgot their identity but Indonesians adore their Indian cultural heritage. They spent billions to restore all Hindu monuments and temples. They named their currency rupiah, their airways Garuda, 20,000 rupiah note has Ganesha image, they named their Universities names like Gajah Mada(hindu majapahit prime minister), Sri Vijaya University, Saraswati University, , Kubera Bank, Ganesh Bank. Hanuman is their military mascot and the list goes on. Names like Susila, Saraswati, Santhi, Vishnuvardana, Muralidara, Manohara Ratna Devi are all Hindu names but they are Muslims. Last 10 yrs 200,000 Indonesian muslims have converted to Hindus, including the entire Soekarno( 1st Presiden) family has embraced Hinduism. Indonesian govt doesn't forbid conversion. Ramayana and Mahabaratha are their cultural treasures. Their economy now is better than Malaysia.Lots of Chinese businessmen from malaysia are investing in Indonesia at the invitations of the Indon govt. So, Indonesians are better off than the Malaysian, and no need to convert if u marry a muslim. Thats why i have my greatest admiration for Indonesians, only a minority about 10% are hardcore and fanatics.'

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