Tuesday 18 April 2017

How money win Elections : How I got my RM100. Place - Dusun Tua. Big Boss - Umno, Branch Secretary Noridah binti Mohd Amir. Supervisor - Rohani Kassim. Pembantah - Abd Halim bin Mohd Yunus. Pembayar - Hairul Shahrizal Hamdan.

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Sharing my ex colleague 's experience ... "How I received RM100 for being eligible to Vote"
Now I know why Money wins elections in Malaysia

"Changing my voting station is a challenge." 

I decided to update my polling centre to my residential address 10 months ago (to Dusun Tua, PAS incumbent). About 4 weeks ago I received a notice that my application has received a Bantahan which required me to attend a public investigation. If I wish to continue to be eligible to vote, I would need to show up at SPR office, at a specific time, for a hearing. 

Kegagalan Tuan/Puan untuk hadir semasa Siasatan Awam ini, akan menyebabkan nama Tuan/Puan dikeluarkan dari RDPT bekenaan.

At the hearing.
I was one of the first to arrived and soon the waiting room  was filled with people. My name was in one of several lists of Dibantah. A quick glance around the room and at the lists showed that at least 80% were ethnic Chinese. 

At my turn, my Pembantah and myself were shown to another room and took our oath before a judge. The Pembantah was a middle aged man that I have never met before. His name was Abd Halim bin Md Yunus.

His excuse for challenging my application was "He didn't see anyone at home, and my neighbors did not know me". This was of course a lie because I live in a gated and guarded residence, so he wouldn't have been able to enter my Taman without my permission. And I've been living here for 9 years. Thankfully the judge has ruled his challenge as "failed".

"My compensation"
Because I have won this challenge, the Pembantah has to pay me compensation for my hardship. The judge has decided compenation of RM100. So I approached my Pembantah and asked for it. 

"The best part - how I got my RM100"
Abd Halim told me he has no money. He said his boss will pay me later. I objected and threatened to sue him. He panicked and repeated that his boss didn't give him money. 
So I pressed on and asked for the boss's name. And he told me. It's UMNO!!! According to Abd Halim, his big boss is UMNO branch secretary Noridah binti Mohd Amir. He showed me his SPR filing documentation to confirm it. But he doesn't have her contact number, so he gave me his supervisor's mobile number instead. Her name is Rohani Kassim. I called and spoke to her and she simply said she'll pay up. 

At this stage, many others in the SPR Office took notice and made similar appeal. 

Suddenly I notice a Malay man in dark sunglasses standing outside the SPR office signaling to all the Pembantahs and they all left at once. Thereafter all the hearings were "walkover wins" (no Pembantah).

Shortly, a young man (Hairul Shahrizal Hamdan) showed up in the SPR Office and just started paying all of us, on the Pembantahs' behalf, without any fuss. I asked him why he was paying for all the Pembantah? But he just kept quiet.

Anyway, that is how I got my RM100. 


What would happen to the accused if they hadn't shown up? 

How would the elderly show up?

How many votes would have been denied this way?

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