Sunday 16 April 2017

P. Waytha Moorthy on najib razak : “janji manis” (Sweet promises) which is “janji kosong” (empty promises).

HINDRAF censures Prime Minister’s latest attempt to dupe the Malaysian Indians with his launch of a new Malaysian Indian Blueprint on 23rd April 2017. This attempt by Najib who works in cohorts with the MIC and certain elite Indians is nothing but a desperate attempt to hoodwink and create a false impression of Government’s concerns of the Indians with the looming general elections which is to be held probably within the next year.
In 2013 Najib and his cabinet had a series of meetings with HINDRAF under the pretext of working together with Hindraf as the Indians have lost hope and faith in the MIC and BN administration. In the culmination of the meetings, Najib personally assured HINDRAF that he would fulfil the HINDRAF blueprint and agreed to publicly sign a Memorandum of Understanding with HINDRAF to implement those suggestions contained in the blueprint with a special UNIT to be headed by HINDRAF. The UNIT was exclusively requested as HINDRAF does not trust MIC or anyone else to be able to deliver those promises and hence I was made a Deputy Minister after the general elections. 
It is a fact that with the signing of the MOU and HINDRAF formally supporting BN in the 13th general elections, BN gained/maintained at least 12 Parliament seats and Negeri Sembilan and Perak was saved from downfall. 
During my tenure at the PMO, I have repeatedly told Najib that BN and his personal integrity was at stake and HINDRAF was the last opportunity for BN to gain the trust of Indians in the country. He realised this and told me personally that the MIC have lost the respect from the grassroots Indians. Having said this he was reluctant to allocate the promised portfolio of a special UNIT with funds coming from the Prime Minister’s Office directly. 
Among programs I was supposed to carry out was the doubling of income of the displaced estate workers who would be trained in special skills, provided opportunities to venture in agriculture and cottage industries as well as land allocation to resettle those recent displaced estate workers. The 5 estates in Putrajaya which was acquired by government, Bukit Jalil estate as well as estates acquired mainly in Selangor, Kedah and Perak as well as settlements in Wilayah Persekutuan were to be prioritised. A focused and targeted economic plan was formulated by HINDRAF with the assistance of genuine businessmen, economists and ex civil servants who wanted to see real results. Tamil schools were to be upgraded with at least 6 acres of land as per the Education Ministry guidelines and the estimated 300,000 stateless people were to be granted citizenship.
The PM was however reluctant to take the necessary steps to implement his promises. Despite several warnings that I would have to resign from all positions if he did not keep to his word, he kept assuring me he would do something about it. At one point he said he was worried of MIC as they have been loyal with the BN. I was also told several UMNO ministers were also against the implementation of the MOU with HINDRAF as they are unable to forget the damage HINDRAF caused to UMNO post 2007.
Indians have the edge to decide 63 Parliament seats are a crucial factor in the next general elections with the Malay based support divided into 5 – UMNO, BERSATU, PKR, AMANAH and PAS.
This new plan to launch a blueprint is nothing but to hoodwink the Indians. Najib- enough is enough. Your public apology to the Indians for their 4 decades of neglect under BN on 18th April 2013 is still fresh in the minds of Indians. You and your UMNO and MIC Ministers have cheated the Indians with your “Nambikei” slogan. HINDRAF worked hard to deliver the Indian votes in the earnest belief of finding a permanent and comprehensive solution to the problems faced by the downtrodden. 
Let this warning be heard to you – Najib, and all your UMNO Ministers as well as your component party Ministers. You can try your luck with the new blueprint gimmick. I and HINDRAF will come hard against you and your BN in the next elections to expose all your cheat, “janji manis” (Sweet promises) which is “janji kosong” (empty promises).
P. Waytha Moorthy
15th April 2017

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