Sunday 30 April 2017

Vinod Sekhar : Of sexual deviants and chess games

I have said this many times. And I'll say it again. Any adult male that has issues with a 12 year old child wearing shorts during PE is sick in the head and a potential, if not actual, pedophile. Regardless if he cloaks himself in religious or governmental authority. 

But now we have an assistant secretary to the Malaysian Chess Federation that decided to eject a young girl of 12 from the Malaysian Scholastic Chess tournament. Why? Because she was wearing a dress, one her mother had just bought her and one that goes down to the knees, that was 'too seductive and a temptation'. 

This man's name is Sophian Yusof. This is a man that finds a 12 year old girl too seductive and a temptation. Think about it. Is this someone you want around your children, anyone's child? We let self proclaimed moral policeman like this idiot try and dictate how we live, how our children live.

Enough is enough. Wake up guys. And you know who I'm talking to. When do we stop Malaysia's slide into an unrecognizable country. When do we stop a minority from trying to take ownership of the soul of the country. First it was pageants, then it was young talented athletes and medal winning gymnasts - now its 12 year old Chess players. The time for silence and acceptance of individuals like this is over. It must be over. We must ensure it is. Otherwise we risk losing the Malaysian culture, we risk losing the incredible and beautiful Malay culture. We risk the complete Arabization of our country and losing our soul in the process. 

Sophian Yusof should emigrate to Saudi Arabia or a small village in Pakistan where he most likely can avoid being 'tempted' by 'seductive' children. And then at least our children will be safe. 

The time for silence is over. Be disgusted by this man. Be disgusted by all like him. And don't be afraid to stand up and show it. We are Malaysia. We are the majority, silent no longer. 

by Vinod Sekhar

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