Friday 19 May 2017

Here we go again...David Teo and Mat Over. Ptui!

jgn terkejut jika mat over dapat pangkat Dato' Seri..

David Teo should do it live, to all Malaysians, for being rude at event attended by…

steadyaku47 comment :  Here we go again....familiarity breeds contempt...but not in Malaysia. Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. The maruah of the Malays are again being tested. Islam is being ridiculed. Malay leaders have been disrespected and somewhere in the labyrinth lurks, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the spectre of a communist DAP! 

And so umno and all those insidious forces that umno can and will muster, shall once again be summoned to restore the maruah of the Malays and Malay leaders, the infidels shall be made to respect and revere Islam ....and DAP will once again be censured for using race and religion for their own vested political agenda!

All the usual suspects are being made ready to enact this next sandiwara as Malaysia and Malaysians once again holds on for another hairy and nerve tingling ride across the whole spectre of race, religion and politics as the powers that be from both sides of the political divides, drives this latest "incident" into overdrive to suit their own political agenda while we rakyat are left to our own devices to sort out the mundane matters of earning a living in one of the most corrupted nation in this part of the world, make that in ANY part of the world today. 

What of our law enforcement authorities and the August Hall of Justice? What of them? They await instructions from Putrajaya as to what is to be done, what needs to be done and will be done to serve the interest of their political masters. Full stop! 

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