Monday 15 May 2017

Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff on PAS, PKR and DAP in Selangor

steadyaku47 comment : Read and learn....terima kasih Din.

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Pat Goh Question: Can't they stay even if they are no longer part of the alliance? They were elected reps, kan? I am just wondering lah. I'm not talking about the right thing to do or whatever.

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Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff In a nutshell, PAS reps were elected in Selangor during GE12 & GE13 under the Pakatan Rakyat platform of '1Lawan1'. In other words, PKR & DAP gave way to PAS in certain constituencies to singularly take on BN. 

PAS, therefore, cannot now claim that th
ey were given the mandate by voters and should remain within the Selangor exco (which, by right, is Azmin's prerogative) .. because PKR & DAP were not contesting.

On another note, political parties become friends or foes as and when it is expedient and will say anything to support their 'new stance'. But voters only get ONE DAY to decide who they wish to have as their representative. If it is PR vs BN, then the answer is pretty obvious. PAS has no leg to stand on principles.

Hope this clarifies the issue, Pat Goh.

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