Tuesday 16 May 2017

HONDA : First world service centre but 3rd world customer service!!!

This was sent on the 3rd May 2017 to #hondamalaysia
I received 3 of your letters in two months telling me to have my airbag replaced. After the first letter I tried to have it replaced at Honda USJ Car Express Service Ctr but was told no stock. Need to wait. When? Don't know!!! Come on Honda Malaysia. You can do better than this.
Today, 15th May, I am here to service my car. I asked if they've stocks of the airbag. Was told they are!!!!! And they're going to replace it for me today!!! 
This Honda USJ Express Service Ctr was supposed to call me when they've stocks but DIDNT!!! 
First world service centre but 3rd world customer service!!!

Patrick Tee Steve..last year, I changed mine (driver side) after some problem at the Honda USJ Express Service Centre. Went there after receiving a letter from Honda Malaysia. They check my Honda Civic & told me my airbag is not original. I got the repaired by their authorised workshop after an accident. Went back to the workshop & he took me to the Puchong Honda Service Centre & was immediately replaced without any questions asked! How come different Honda Service Centre got different policy? Since then I never go back to the USJ centre!!!

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Patrick Tee 1 month later I changed the other airbag at the Puchong centre speedily.

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