Friday 19 May 2017

The Rot is so deep the Malays will not see what is coming.....

The core values of the Malays have been slowly and surely being destroyed by the NEP, rather the way the NEP has been administered by mainly Dr M. Under his rule the Malays have become more dependent on gifts and handouts from the ruling UMNO(BN). Every morning every Malay on getting up will look for his tongkat NEP. With this he can leave his house confident that what he wants will be given to him, e.g., a diploma, a degree, shares, . He has forgotten the raison detaire for the NEP. It has, under UMNO, become a never ending piracy. How does this split the Malays. Simple. Jealousy. Jealousy over the other chaps abuse of power and the money that comes with it. Look at the way the rich Malays flaunt their wealth. You haven't seen them buying property overseas. Dr M thought he was the greatest because he used a tractor to dig up kekayan. But Najib was really the greatest. He used bank transfer. At the click of a mouse he got for himself huge amounts of money and that made Dr M very jealous. All this is occurring in a climate created by Dr M himself. The climate of: 

Janji kaya segera
Janji jaya segera
Tanpa rajin, tanpa salar
Tanpa dosa, tanpa malu

Every Malay is waiting for the top man to smile on him and give him a tender/contract/cheque. For the rest, to keep them happy, all the students will sail through the education system without the need to pass an exam, and then sail through university, also without the need to pass an exam. Then they get a job without having to prove themselves. Surely this must weaken the psyche of the Malay. I have seen all these developments from day 0. The few who can think have failed to pull up the rest. Now the rest will pull down everyone. The pirates of UMNO are now fighting among themselves for the biggest share of the loot. PKR/Dr M - they are no different from UMNO, as the people of Malaysia will find out. But the rot is so deep, the Malays will not see what is coming. For what is coming, wait for part 2.

Kooi Seng Chng

steadyaku47 comment : I wish I had written the above piece...thank you KSC!

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