Tuesday 23 May 2017

Johan Iskandar : a voter speaks! 1. Stop the petty bickering NOW! 2. If PAS wants to leave so be it! Move on I say! 3. Replace Wan Azizah..........

Message From A Malaysian Voter

I am 47 years old, married male and a father of 3 kids. I run a small cafe in a small town that most of you probably never heard of before. I have never voted before and will be voting for the first time this next GE.
The reason is because I feel that NOT voting this time around with all that I see happening to my country would be a terrible mistake! I feel that even if my vote will probably not change the dire conditions we are in at least my conscience will be clear.
I am powerless otherwise to effect change when half the country seems to be filled with idiots, bigots, racists and religious zealots who have nothing better to do than sow turmoil and divide us further as citizens of this great country.
I feel powerless and lost and agitated by what I read, hear and watch. WTF is happening is anyone’s guess. Be that as it may I feel my one vote will register with some numbers in the cosmos of our politics and that is a start.
As a voter, I’m aghast at the stupidity I see from both sides of the political divide. The incumbent is a lost cause as I’m sure anyone with half a brain can see but the so called Opposition is worse! Here’s what I humbly suggest IF the Opposition is well and truly sincere in effecting the changes necessary to put our country on the right trajectory for all its citizens. Remember them? 
1. Stop the petty bickering NOW!
2. If PAS wants to leave so be it! Move on I say!
3. Replace Wan Azizah as the (whatever she is in Keadilan).. She hasn’t the chutzpah to go up against the ‘enemy’. She maybe strong as a wife and a mother to have to go through all that she’s been through but on the National Level she simply doesn’t have what it takes!
4. Name Dr. Mahathir as your choice of PM! Anwar can wait! Show us you’re putting the nations interest above your own this ONE time. And while you’re at it why not name the entire proposed cabinet so we can judge for ourselves.
5. Forget the BN bashing... it’s getting stale. We already know what BN is. 
6. It’s the economy...Stupid! Focus on the country’s economic future! What are you going to do for the nation? What changes are you planning? In detail? Communicate that with us and you might stand a chance of defeating the incumbents whatever dirty tricks they play.
7. The rakyat (most that at least have the internet and actually knows how to use it anyway).. wants to see you win! But all these petty bickering and silly bravados is not doing you any favors! Stop it!
8. Get to the ground running. What’s your message? Just saying you want to topple BN is not enough! Bring the masses your ONE true message and we’ll listen.
9. It’s the little things. Communicate at our level, be ever humble, playing the victim is over. Get up and work for our votes!!!!! Work for it!!! It’s tough sure but you have chosen this path so stop your goddamn whining and start working!!
10. Show unity! If one party wants to go its own way then let them! Get a single common logo and do that NOW! 
11. Speak in ONE voice! Or keep your mouths shut!
12. Get it together! Mission Impossible? Maybe..... But the other side of that is Never Say Never!!
13. Forget Manifestos! No one pays the slightest attention to it! Safe your money for something else. Get down the grassroots and just talk and listen.
14. Enough about race, religion already! Get out of that ‘trap’. It serves no purpose in the larger scheme of things.

Please... I implore you do all this as time is running out for you and for all of us. It’s CRITICAL that you be UNITED and has a CLEAR VISION of what needs to be done! I need you, we all do whether we like to believe it or otherwise. 
You’re our only hope and I don’t feel you are sincere or seriously committed to the whole idea of one day be given the responsibility of administering this country the way it needs to be administered so that everyone regardless of race, religion, social status will be given an equal opportunity and be provided with the framework for a level playing field in all matters so that all will prosper and no one will be left behind. 
So get to work will you? I mean REAL work and not this jibby jabby wishy washy pathetic excuse of campaigning that I see today. I sincerely hope that my message will reach out to those that matters the most and I wish you all the best in the coming GE and pray for your win!

A Malaysian Voter.

steadyaku47 comment : This guy...whoever he is.....writes well. Thank you Iskandar for sharing your thoughts with us...whether I setuju or not is another matter but you give us food for thought....though I am sure some of you will choke on your nasi lemak breakfast while reading this.

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