Friday 19 May 2017

cakap cakap : things that troubles my mind.

Will PAS lose Kelantan.....yes Kelantan? Who in the opposition will be Benedict Arnold...already in deep cover and ready to hand over to Umno the Achilles heel of BERSATU? How...or as many would prefer to put it...will umno take back Selangor as Azmin is left floundering by the exit of PAS from the state government? Who in umno will be the first to break ranks and jump ship to BERSATU the hope that treachery will be handsomely rewarded by those he helped put into government by that very treachery? If the opposition takes government what will be the consequence of a having a government ideologically, religiously and racially divided (united only by their common enemy, umno and najib) now the enemy is no longer a threat? What will hold Mahathir, Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim together - three once sworn enemies of each other? Am I to believe that these now acknowledged leaders of the opposition will put aside all the hate and bitterness they have had for decades for each other....that they will put it all aside for the betterment and good of you and me? That they will work unselfishly for King, Country and our Future? 

These are the thoughts that now courses through my mind as I grapple with the realities of Politics in Malaysia today! 

Does it not trouble you that the government and the opposition are telling us that once in government, good governance and all things nice will prevail? It has to trouble you because the people that makes these promises to us are the very people that have been responsible for our troubles! 

And what are these troubles that I speak of? 

Corruption. Corruption and more corruption. And with corruption comes everything else that corrupt what we know of race, religion and government! 

These thoughts are playing in my mind over and over again since late last night when I went to sleep. And it still troubles me as I woke up this morning. Does it not trouble you to?Enough said. 


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