Wednesday 17 May 2017

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The time for talking is done. The time for blogging just for the hell of it is also done. You stop by my blog because for most of the time I articulate what is in your mind. What you think about. And possibly what you would like to see happen to our country, to our people, to our life and to our future so that our future generations will be left with a better Malaysia than the one we now live in. 

What you find in this blog are my own thoughts and from time to time I share with you the thoughts of others who also share our dreams, our aspirations and our hopes. Pak Arshad, Sopian Ahmad, Mutalip Nama Saya, Clare Rewcastle, Din Marican, Donplaypuks, Citizen Nades, OutSyedThe Box, Mariam Mokhtar and many others whose writing I come across from time to time. There are still many others who also write what we want to read and because I do not know of them, I am unable to share them with you all through this blog.  

I have given much thought as to how and me and our friends who also blog and have their own FB we can pool our resources together through our writing...and share our efforts with a wider, but more focused and targeted audience. Would it not be good if we could all go to one one blog... where we can read, discuss and rationally debate issues and matters that concerns us all? 

That was what Malaysia Today used to do in those days when we still read what Malaysia Today posted. I do not know what is in Malaysia Today now because I no longer click to go to that site unless someone sends me a link on a story in MT that would be of interest to me.  

I have been blogging for close to eight years....eight years of cut and paste of anything I think is interesting enough to share with you guys. Eight years of reposting articles and comments by others on what I write or on what others write....and of course eight years of putting my own thoughts and ideas onto this blog....all in all close to 10K worth of postings. 

So what now? 

As I have said earlier on, you read what I write because in what I write you can find your own ideas...your own ideals. ...and those ideas are in your head, in your hearts and within  
your own self...but not all of  you can put them down on paper. I can do that for you and with you.

Why not we make this blog more an expression of what more of us feel....not just me. Scribble down your thoughts, jot down any ideas you may have and send them to me. Let me work on your notes and jotting and make them ready for sharing with others on this blog. Some of you are already doing this with me and I am grateful that you care enough to share your writing and your thought with others through this blog.

Today I respectfully and humbly ask of you all to share with us your thoughts on all things Malaysians and more if you care to, on this blog. Send me your thoughts and ideas through notes that you jotted down when inspiration hits you and through articles you have written.

My reason for doing so is simply this. We need to know who out there share the ideas and ideals that we have for as the the next PRU nears. We must get ourselves ready for what is to come. Will there be change for the better or will we continue to allow umno to keep us in the gutter? Will we have the government that we aspire to or a government that conspires to keep us in hellfire? What is to come after this PRU will be up to the rakyat to decide...and we are the can we try and work this out together?

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