Tuesday 16 May 2017

cakap cakap ...Hannah Yeoh

Syabas Umno! Syabas any one else who is standing up to defend the honour and maruah of Islam and the Muslims! Victory is at hand...let us all together drive these infidels off the face of this earth...let us make these infidels understand that their Christian agenda has no place in Malaysia....Let us all be ever vigilant against these infidels.  We will fight to the last drop of our blood to defend the honour of Islam and the maruah of the Malays. We will not allow these infidels to  use politics to advance their insidious Christian agenda.

As the highly educated Pensyarah Universiti Utara (UUM) Kamarul Yusoff said : Yeoh menggunakan kedudukan politik untuk berdakwah mengenai agama Kristian. “Lebih dari itu, beliau juga menyeru ahli-ahli Felo Kristian Seberang Laut khususnya dan penganut agama Kristian umumnya untuk mengikut jejak langkah beliau menceburkan diri dalam bidang politik untuk membina semula Malaysia mengikut acuan agama Kristian.

Jelas berdasarkan kepada segala pengakuan terbuka Hannah Yeoh ini maka peri pentingnya prinsip sekularisme dalam perjuangan politik DAP adalah satu hipokrasi semata-mata,”

Here we go again! All this sounds very familiar....Infidels, Christians, DAP....umno fighting to their last drop of blood....honour of Islam,,,,maruah of the Malays...and then some highly educated moron from a University does his bit to add his learned comments to authenticate all the hoopla....and what do we have?

What we have is another opportunity to make some more opportunity for that educated moron to get into the good books of his political masters...maybe even a Datukship....and another reason for umno and pas to go to town and paint it red using the usual suspects and the usual "excuse" to do so....race and religion! Ptui! 

Jesus Christ! What the Malays can do the infidels cannot do! What the Muslims can do the infidels cannot do! Just what are these Malays and Muslim thinking? Cuba pakai  otak sikit!  These infidels are just like you and me.....judge them as you judge yourself.....and kalau nak hentam DAP pon pakai lah argument yang menasabah....Hannah Yeoh is writing about herself...her life...not DAP....if you as an educated Malay cannot understand that...then takbir lah brother and ask ALLAH to show you the way. 

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