Tuesday 16 May 2017

Houston...we have a problem!

steadyaku47 comment : Anyone care to comment on Ayu's comment below ? 

In 2008 my dad and I had a disagreement in politics and bcoz of that we didn't speak to each other for a year. All because I was so into Reformasi. all because of DSAI!! Do you know how hurtful and painful it was not being able to talk to your father??? It hurts like hell!!!! Every night I slept with tears. But I stand for what I believed and I believed in DSAI. Today after learning that DSAI was the one who brought Wahhabi into Malaysia, it breaks my heart. It really, really breaks my heart.

During Al Jazeera’s UpFront programme, which was aired last Friday, Wan Azizah told interviewer Mehdi Hasan that the implementation of hudud law in the country is still a possibility if the opposition captures Putrajaya after GE14. - THIS IS IT. I AM NOT GOING TO VOTE PKR THIS GE14. NO BLOODY FREAKING FCUKING WAY!!! I WOULD RATHER VOTE THE DEVIL I KNOW. FCUK DSAI!!!! MAY YOU ROT IN PRISON!!!

P.S. No I do not know who Ayu is...

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