Tuesday 16 May 2017

Syed Akbar Ali : The MIC is dead among the Indian community.

Pakatan Rahsia Najib Dan Hindraf PRU13 And Why Zakir Naik Will Cost BN The PRU14

Today I received this in the WhatsApp :

1.  15 Mei 2017 Perkasa  laporan polis terhadap kebiadapan dan tindakan kurang ajar pemimpin MIC bernama VELLU PARI yg membuat tuduhan jahat terhadap PERKASA dan pendakwah Islam tersohor Dr Zakir Naik._

2. Satu SIDANG MEDIA akan diadakan di Ibupejabat Perkasa 

3. Tindakan Mahkamah terhadap haram jadah VELLI PARI dan Akhbar The Star.

Fuiyyo ! Listen to these choice words :  
·        tindakan kurang ajar pemimpin MIC bernama VELLU PARI
·        pendakwah Islam tersohor Dr Zakir Naik._
·        terhadap haram jadah VELLI PARI

So Samy Vellu's son is now a  h _ r _ mjadah ! ! 
Zakir Naik is "tersohor" ! !

Now, even the MIC wants Zakir Naik deported from Malaysia.

This means Najib and the BN are certainly going to lose the Indian votes in the next PRU14.
Pasal apa ngko orang ini begitu bodoh dan bebal? What have you got from giving PR to this Zakir Naik? Nothing except trouble and controversy.  Since Zakir Naik came here he has caused nothing but trouble for us. 

Anyay, why did the MIC suddenly ask that Zakir Naik be deported?  
The answer is Hindraf.

Hindraf is now a political party. 

And they have strong intentions to field candidates in the next elections.   
Here is the news from the Malay Mail :

·        KL May 10 ― (Hindraf) applying to register as political party
·        need for proper representation of Indian community
·        Hindraf unanimous decision during extraordinary general meeting Sun
·        widespread nationwide meetings with grassroots Indian community
·        overwhelming call for Hindraf to evolve into  political party 

The MIC is quite dead among the Indian community.  They have only four Parliamentary seats and are completely dependent on UMNO to win them.  
Hindraf is now making a comeback among the Indian community. And now with their intention to become a political party, more Indians will join up and become members of the new Hindraf Party. 
Hindraf became big news during the time of Abdullah Badawi. They held that huge Makkal Sakthi or People's Power demonstration in 2007 protesting the poor Indians being sidelined.  The Sedition Act was used to arrest some of their leaders.  
After the PRU13, P Waythamoorthy was suddenly appointed a Senator and Deputy Minister (May 2013).  Then just as suddenly nine months later, P Waythamoorthy resigned as Deputy Minister and Senator in February 2014.
·        Timb Menteri di JPM, Waythamoorthy letak jawatan 10 Feb 2014
·        kerana mendakwa BN gagal mengotakan janji
·        perjanjian demi kepentingan masyarakat India, kepercayaan terhadap BN
·        selepas 8 bulan,  pertubuhan itu berputus asa
·        HINDRAF  sebulat suara Waythamoorthy meletak jawatan
·        Waythamoorthy dilantik Senator, Timb Menteri selepas PRU-13
·        perjanjian 18 April untuk selesaikan isu masyarakat India
Few UMNO, MIC and BN people know that Hindraf and Waythamoorthy were coopted by Najib even before the PRU13.  
Since MIC could not deliver the Indian votes (even then), Najib asked for Hindraf's assistance. 
The deal was that Hindraf would campaign quietly (no one outside knew about it)  for the BN in the rural areas and in the estates. 
In return Waythamoorthy would be appointed a Senator and made a Deputy Minister. Plus (a very big plus) a special fund would be set up to help the Indian community (RM500 Million?) and P Waythamoorthy would be in charge of using these funds to help the Indian community.
Hindraf and Waythamoorthy delivered both the campaigning and the Indian votes. Indian votes  made significant contributions in marginal seats. Do read on.

In return and predictably Najib only delivered less than half of his side of the deal.  Waythamoorthy was made a Deputy Minister but there was no special funds for the Indians.

It was only AFTER Waythamoorthy quit that Najib finally decided to make good on his agreement to fund Indian  development programs (RM150 million or more each year under SEDIC).

All that is now past. Fast forward to the next elections PRU14. Things have gotten worse for Najib, the BN and the MIC.  They are about to be wiped out.

And Hindraf is now in an even stronger position.

Now here are some interesting numbers.  Hindraf has identified 31 Parliamentary seats and 59 States seats (from the last elections, PRU13)  in the rural areas which were won by the BN.  These seats were won by the BN by very slim margins.

And here is the very, very interesting part - in many of these marginal constituencies the total number of Indian voters far exceeds the winning margins.  

In other words, a swing in the Indian vote can certainly determine the outcome of these seats. Here are some examples :


P6 Bagan Datoh won by Zahid Hamidi UMNO
Won by slim majority of 2108 votes only.
Number of Indian voters : 9423  votes

Zahid Hamidi better start learning Tamil.  In 2013, Hindraf also campaigned in Bagan Datok for Zahid Hamidi. That is why Zahid won by just 2108 votes.

This time if only half that number of Indian votes (1054) were to swing away from BN, then Zahid Hamidi will be history.  

P61  PADANG RENGAS won by Nazri Aziz UMNO.
Won by slim majority of 2230 votes only.
Number of Indian voters : 2031 votes.

If only 1,115 Indian votes swing away from the BN then Nazri will also lose in Padang Rengas.

P76 TELUK INTAN won by Mah Siew Keong MCA
Won by slim majority of 238 votes only.
Number of Indian voters : 11,491 votes  
Mah Siew Keong has to start belanja thosai now.  Obviously Mah won because of the Indian vote.

Thanks to Rosmah, Najib, 1MDB and now Zakir Naik this 11,491 Indian votes is gone. Pochhi. Yilek.  Koli-mutte (telor ayam). 

P77 TANJONG MALIM  won by Ong Ka Chuan (MCA)
Won by majority of 4328 votes.
Number of Indian voters : 9062 votes.

Ong Ka Chuan must also start belanja thosai from this morning. Thosai is usually a morning dish. 

If just 2164 Indians swing away then Ong Ka Chuan is toast.  What if ALL the 9062 Indian voters decide to swing away from Ong ka Chuan?


P142  LABIS won by Chua Tee Yong  (MCA) Won by slim majority of 353 votes. 
Number of Indian votes : 5698 voters
Chua Tee Young,  I think you are also dead.  Just 177 Indian voters dont vote for you and you lose. What if ALL the 5698 Indians do not vote for you?  

P159 PASIR GUDANG won by Normala Abdul Samad.  
Won by slim majority of 935 votes.
Number of Indian votes : 11,194
I think Normala is going to lose big this time around.  11,194 Indians are unhappy. Beli Milo, belanja thosai, kari kambing pun depa tak akan sokong. Ini kali, Milo dia minum, kambing  dia bedal, thosai dia telan tapi undi dia tak kasi.  

P161  PULAI won by Nur Jazlan
Won by 3,226 majority.
Number of Indian votes : 10,090 voters.
Nur Jazlan also has to speak Tamil and belanja thosai.  Jazlan, dont mention Zakir Naik ok.  Also dont let those Perkasa  jokers anywhere near  you.  

Won by 1196 votes.
Number of Indian votes :  4688.

If 598 Indians do not vote for Jamil Khir, he will lose. If all 4688 Indians do not vote for him, his chances are quite impossible.


P96 KUALA SELANGOR won by Irmohizam Ibrahim UMNO 
Won by slim majority of 460 votes.
Number of Indian votes : 13, 730 ! !
Hello Irmohizam, the only way you are going to win Kuala Selangor is if you tell Perkasa to shut up and then you personally escort Zakir Naik onto the airplane and make sure heis deported from Malaysia. 
There is no other way you are going to get the Indian votes. 


P119 TITIWANGSA won by Johari Abdul Ghani UMNO
Won by slim majority of 866 votes. 
Number of Indian votes : 5750 voters
Johari,  lets keep it short. You will NOT get 5750 Indian votes this time.  Good bye. 


P89 BENTONG won by Liow Tiong Lai MCA.

Won by slim majority of 379 votes.
Number of Indian votes : 5690 voters.
Liow ah !   Why your margin so small one?  
Your karma is boss MCA. 
Your kurma is 5690 Indian voters. 

These are just a few. There are a total of 31 Parliamentary seats and 59 State seats where because of the slim majorities,  the number of Indian voters can really swing  the outcome.

Now factor this in as well : with the new parti Amanah, Bawang jual bontot, Pribumi Bersatu all eating away at the Malay vote, the Chinese vote gone forever - the Indian vote becomes even more weighty.

Traditionally the Indian vote has been solid BN. But not anymore.
MIC is dead. The Indians do not vote for MIC anymore. 
Jadi kepada Kabilah DNA Bahalol, go ahead and carry Zakir Naik on your shoulders. Let him piss on your head. Better still let him piss into your mouth.
To pinjam Anina Saadudin's words  "biaq  mamak padukang kincin' dalam mulut hangpa'.   
Syed Akbar Ali 

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