Thursday 18 May 2017

Selamat Pagi Malaysia....Malaysia Hari Ini! David Teo and Mat Over. Over and Out!

Sulaiman Mat Over and David Teo were genius. They knew very well, that in the entertainment industry, being well known means everything. So, they capitalised on the Prime Minister's TN 50 Townhall discussion on the industry's future, to make some fame for themselves. At the expense of drowining real substantive conversations about TN50.
If you wonder what was the fuss about : David Teo was upset that the Moderator Rosyam only picked audience from the front row and ignored those in the back. So he took it to the stage to confront the moderator Rosyam. Sulaiman/Mat Over then got infuriated by David Teo, and went on to slap him. Eventually PM Najib had to step in and requested that they reconcile, which they complied submissively with a salam, and hugs.
They got what they want : instant fame. Suddenly the name David Teo and Mat Over became talk of the town. Sudden google search spike on their names whatnot. 
Instead of great ideas proposed by the likes of Shila Amzah, Harith Iskander, etc, all that appeared in the internet and timeline news feed were about rude David and Amok Mat over. 
Have to give it to them both. They knew the industry too well and certainly know how to reap and seize cheap opportunities. Good for them. Bad for the country. And one wonders why our entertainment industry is in a perpetual sad state.

PUTRAJAYA, May 16 — A man slapped Metrowealth Pictures (MiG) chief executive officer Datuk David Teo in front of the prime minister at a Transformasi Nasional session with the nation’s entertainers.
The scuffle took place when Teo took the microphone to criticise actor Rosyam Nor who was the moderator at the session.
Veteran actor Sulaiman Yassin rushed over to punch him in front of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
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steadyaku47 comment : As always in Bolehland...the wrong person got slapped. No kudos for anyone who knows who should really get slapped. But Malaysians being Malaysians...we normally do not slap someone who has invited us to his next time maybe?

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