Friday 19 May 2017

Do You Care?

Photo credit : Vincent Cheong Kam Weng : Sky Watcher

Do not delude yourself that it is darkest just before dawn. That the onerous troubles and burden that seems just a bit too much for us to carry, is merely God's way of telling us that whatever our troubles,  there is alway hope with the coming of dawn...that tomorrow is another brand new day full of hope and possible full of glory.

This is Malaysia that you live in. No such thing will happen. For the past many decades you have woken up to the same government and almost the same some superficial name changes and individuals in the fore front. Nothing has changed and nothing will change because real change requires a quantum leap into a future that Malaysians are loath to consider.....well most Malaysians anyway! 

Those of us who could leave Malaysia have left. Those who wants to leave and cannot, are still trying. And those of you who are left, whether willingly or otherwise....with you are the hopes of future generations...but do you care?

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