Tuesday 23 May 2017

cakap cakap...about Keris Berayon, DAP and "MINDFULNESS".

Selamt Pagi friends...many of you have asked why I would post that piece by Keris Berayon KERIS BERAYON (Ahli umno orang BN) on the DAP.  when I know it was done by an avowed umno and BN blogger? Why am I giving space on my blog to these kind of vermin and s**t stirrer....would it not be better if we just ignore them....ignorance is bliss? 

Ignorance may be bliss to some of you but not to me. 

How are we to understand the "other side" if we do not know what they are thinking about? How are we to combat their lies and attack on us if we do not read what it is that they are writing about our "side"? Read and try to understand what it is that this Keris Berayon is ranting about...if you can write a rational rebuttal of what he says do so and have it posted in a blog or on FB.......if not discuss with others the right and wrong of what is said ....if what he said has some truth, then tell "our side" to change for the not, then just ignore it and move on. Never be afraid to confront the "other side"...for you will be the better for it.

And from time to time I will continue to do this because I too read what the "other side" write and sometimes I must agree that what they write makes sense and has some home truth in them...and when it does I take what I can use in my writing and tell "our side" what they must do and what they cannot do" if they are to continue to get our support for what is to come when PRU 14 is upon us.   

And if you ask me if there is any truth in what this "Keris Berayon" wrote....yes there is but he wrote more bulls**t then facts. More drivel that we should just throw in the gutter than let it cause any worry to us about what those in DAP are doing to rid ourselves of those that has caused our nation and our people so much pain and sufferings. 

It's Tuesday today and the weekend is a long long way...way too far away to let anything spoil the rest of the week lest you will not last the wait for the weekend to come. Read this piece about "MINDFULNESS" that JL sent me when I told him that all is not well with my physical may do you some good especially the old ones!


First we have to understand that most people tends to go faster pace most of the times,
We talk faster, walk faster and eat faster.
Sometimes, we do not know what we talk and we will offend others,
Sometimes, we walk too fast, most of the times we go pass our destination.
Sometimes, we eat too faster, we choke ourselves and don't even know what we really eating.

When you seat on the chair, up right, place our foot on the ground firmly and tell yourself that your foot is on the ground.
Let yourself know that.
When you eat, bite slowly and enjoy every bite of your food before taking it in.
and tell yourself you are biting and eating it and taste the food well.
You will feel something nice that how the food begins.

This is more important.
When you walk every step, walk it slow and steady.
Tell yourself you are walking too.
Feel yourself lifting up the leg and foot in very slow pace and place it down to the ground firmly and feel the ground.
Do it every step, lift, feel the leg and place the foot on the ground.
You will feel the bones cracking

You can even create yourself like once you reach for your glass of water, try to feel it stretching out and bring it back or to your mouth to drink it slowly and feel it going down thru your throat.

AND OF COURSE DON'T DO IT OUTSIDE ON THE STREET, or else other people will say you must be crazy or something wrong with your mind.
If people understand you then it is ok.
When you have learned, you will able to feel yourself walking very firm on the ground and every step you make.

This is called MINDFULNESS of anything beside you and even to your body.
You will start to some results in just a month.
Give yourself some time, maybe two months ?
You will start to remember things you left behind even the smallest thing.

Do try it, no harm done.
If you really gets it, I will teach you something else to ward off your sickness and feel your own body changing.
Remember, we are not too old to learn anything that is good for us and the body.


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