Friday 19 May 2017

cakap cakap : Mati UMNO, matilah Melayu

The Malays have never been as divided as they are now. That division runs the whole gauntlet from politics to religion and whatever that can be found between the two. How the Royals are to be treated. Whether the "others" should or should not be allowed to take their place as "equals" with the Malays. Should ketuanan Melayu be extended or terminated. Is our increasing cozy ties with China good or bad for the Malays. Who really are the Malays and what manner of Islam is right for the Malays and a slew of other issues and matters that has turned friends against friends, family against family and of course Malays against each other. 

These divisions are real and continue to widen the already deep chasm among the Malays 
so much so that for many Malays today, the other races is no longer a problem...other Malays are the problem!

Is this a plot by the DAP to weaken the Malays? If so, is MCA complicit in this plot? Are the non-Malays to be held responsible for the rapid decline in the political strength of the Malays that was once the sole purview of umno? Or has the decline of the Malays been the fault of the Malays themselves?

There are few things that most Malays would be be able to agree upon. 

1) The Chinese and to a lesser extent, the "others" are a clear and present danger to the
     rise and rise of the Malays in "their own country".       

2. The others are : ISLAM. ISLAM AND ISLAM. 

Anything else, if it does not falls under the above two, have no immediate relevance to the mindset of a Malay. And no one knows better of this than umno. 

Umno came into being because of the Malays, umno has relevance today because of the Malays and Islam. So if the Malays are divided then umno is weakened. The Malays are divided and umno is weakened and by default, umno will argue, so has Islam. 

Who gains from this situation? Obviously not the Malays. Then who?

For starters, politics abhor a vacuum....and the rise and rise of the opposition is a manifestation of umno's weakness....but even among the opposition, the Malays lead, the Malays are the catalyst and the driver for change (in Mahathir and Anwar's case...politcal change?) and this position is not only acknowledged by all, but has in reality been formalised by the structure and composition of the opposition that is now in place to challenge umno and BN in the PRU 14. 

So when umno is weakened, politicians are the winners - and as most Malays learn their politics in umno, then it is to these same Malays that the opposition must now defer they have to Mahathir and Anwar. And should these two win government again from umno - what do you think will happen to our nation, to democracy and to umno? 

These thoughts must be a concern to many of us so much so that there are many among us who have not forgotten or forgiven what Mahathir and Anwar did when they were the government. And knowing what Mahathir and Anwar have done in the name of government, do you fault najib razak for what he is now doing to enable umno to hold on to government? 

There is no such thing as being a little bit cannot argue that what Mahathir or Anwar did while in government is not as bad as what najib is now doing....the same can be said about good or bad governance. Are we then not back to square one if Mahathir and Anwar are back in government?


I rest my case. 


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