Saturday 7 August 2010

Is ANWAR fit to be PM?

Is Anwar fit to be our Prime Minister? I have my own doubts. His father was not Prime Minister – so his pedigree, while illustrious, is questionable. In his 60 over years on this Earth he has not done half the things that some of our Past and present Prime Minister have done – namely Mahathir and Najib. Because of this I can understand and sympathise with those of you that questions his fitness to be Prime Minister. Specifically I think you all are questioning Anwar’s commitment to continue with the money politics, corrupt practices and racial politics that UMNO has been practising. If you are then you will have to talk with Anwar himself if you want these doubts to be cleared. But let us look at this issue rationally.

Mahathir has asked Petronas to bail out his son’s shipping company at a cost of RM$1 Billion to the Nations coffers.
Anwar has not asked anybody to bail out any of his children from any business failures! The only thing that I can remember is that one of his daughters, Nurul, is the Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai.

Mahathir has squandered an estimated RM100billion on financial scandals under his 22-year rule.
Anwar has not.

Under Mahathir the government has compensated a total of RM38.5 billion to 20 highway companies.
This is apart from the many hike in toll rates that has been imposed on the people of this country. Everything to do with these highway and toll contracts is not for the people to know – all under the OSA.
Anwar has not done anything of this sort.

Mahathir government paid compensation to the contractor of the Scenic Bridge in Johore to the tune of RM$300 million.
Anwar has not been involved in any ‘Scenic Situation’ unlike that Minister under Barisan Nasional government component party, the MCA.

Under Mahathir and Najib the commission paid for the purchases of Jets and Submarines to Perimeker Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million - paid for services rendered. To whom the services were rendered and for sort of services have been rendered have never been made known to the people of this country – whose money were used to pay for these services.
Anwar has no such scandals involving him or his cronies..

Under Mahathir Tun Salleh Abbas the Lord President of the Federal Courts was dismissed and the Malaysian judiciary independence was compromised.
Anwar has not done anything to compromise the judiciary.

Under Mahathir the two bailouts of Malaysian Airlines System costs RM7.9 billion.
Anwar might have travelled on MAS, as any Malaysian would, but he has not been involved in any MAS bailouts.

Under Mahathir the AP’s scandal has costs the country the sum of tens of billions of ringgits.
I do not personally know if Anwar has ever purchased a car using an AP.

During Mahathir time, Lim Guan Eng was imprisoned under the ISA for going to the defence of an underage Malay School girl that was raped by the then Chief Minister of Malacca – Rahim Thambi Chik.
Anwar now has Lim Guan Eng as Chief Minister of Penang – one of the States with Pakatan Rakyat. 

In 2000 Anwar was sentenced to nine years for sodomy by Mahathir’s government. Four years later the Federal Court reversed this conviction. He is now again accused of sodomy. Let us see how many years before this issue is again resolved in the same manner as the first one.
Najib has not volunteered to clear himself of complicity in the murder of Altantuya by submitting himself to the Malaysian Courts – but has swear his innocence of that murder in the name of ALLAH. If only he would allow others to have access to the same method of declaring their innocence of any crime – including murder – what a wonderful place Malaysia would be for these criminals to be living in!

Anwar has been arrested and incarcerated under the ISA.
Najib and Mahathir have not.

Anwar has been punched and kicked by the Inspector General of Police while under PDRM custody.
Najib and Mahathir has not!

Among the more known issues that Najib’s wife has been involved in are:
·      Claiming to be the first lady of Malaysia.
·      Mrs 10 percent when Najib was Minister of Defence – she was the ‘go to’ person for those wanting a helping hand to secure tenders in Mindef.
·      Fahion show in Monaco.
·      Air brushed images of herself

Anwar’s wife, Azizah studied medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland where she was awarded a gold medal in obstetrics and gynecology and she later graduated as a qualified ophthalmologist. She served 14 years as a government doctor before deciding to focus on volunteer when Anwar became Deputy Prime Minister.
When Anwar was in prison she took over Anwar political role in the formation of Parti Keadilan Rakyat - then as leader of the opposition. She resigned her Parliamentary seat of Permatang Pauh to make way for Anwar. She is currently President of Party Keadilan Rakyat.

Like a bad little boy that did not get his own way, Mahathir resigned from UMNO on 19 May 2008 and urged other members to follow suit as a way of pressuring his own chosen successor, Abdullah Badawi, to step down. Mahathir rejoined UMNO after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stepped down as Prime Minister in 2009.
Once Anwar has left UMNO he stayed outside UMNO.

Anwar is accused of being an outstanding orator, and a great communicator. I am sure that Najib would have liked to have the same accolades said about him. To date nobody has done so.

Anwar has been in government and in opposition. Mahathir and Najib have not!

So to go back to the first question as to whether I think Anwar is fit to be Prime Minister of this country…well if you want our country to be governed the way UMNO has been governing it in the past…..NO…..Anwar will not meet your expectations. But if we want a decent, responsible and accountable Government then I think we should give him a try. He and his Pakatan Rakyat comrades in arms would together be able to do much better then the Barisan Nasional goons.


  1. According to the "criteria" for premiership that you mentioned, of course Anwar is not fit to be PM. It's weird that Malaysians vote in their government using these "criteria". We must be a bunch of eggheads! Heh, heh!

  2. Hi, just curious to know if you are a Malaysian voter. If you are would you come back and help change the government ? Thank you.

  3. Anwar is a good orator but his character is suspect. he is guilty by association with effeminate men. No, a million NOs, he is not fit to become our PM! God forbid!

  4. Re comments by Malaysian Voter who thinks Anwar is a million times not fit to be PM for associating with effeminate men - looks like he would rather have PMs associated with murder, billion-ringgit corruption, fanning racial fires,pillaging and raping the country....

  5. Mr Old Dog, I never indicated that Najib was fit to be PM either! I think Nizar from Perak would be a good PM though I don't really trust PAS.

  6. DSAI for PM and LGE for DPM.
    Najis for Sg Buluh, as well as TDM and cohorts.
    That will be the DAY!!


  7. One day, each mammoth expenditures for "defence" etc. will be exposed. What is mentioned above is not even one-tenth. As an example, before he was locked up under ISA, LKS was questioning these:
    - Why the Lumut naval base cost 800 million (maybe equvalent to 8 billion now) - whether it had nuclear missiles to justify this.
    - The sweetheart deal on the NS highway.
    - Whether petroleum was being siphoned off into tankers at well heads.

    Some of the notable idiocies of the mad hatter that steadyau47 omitted:
    - Shedding tears on demand over Palestine, corruption, etc. Did Shah Rukh Khan train him?
    - Pumping our money non-stop into the crap heap called the national car. It may have succeeded under greater competition, as Perodua did.
    - Having a doctor and 2 make-up artistes folow him around in a special bus.
    - Renventing economics: privatisation = piratisation (co-invented with his friend Thatcher), zero inflation, loans for investment etc.
    - Claiming to stand up to USA but providing military cooperation and a logistics base since the late 1990s(and having the cheek to critisise Singapore for the same).
    - Subverting the entire civil service.
    - Made about 0.5 trillion or so (including "retained profit") from petroleum disappear. However, the credit for another 0.5 trillion must go to others.

  8. If "associating with effeminate men" disqualifies an individual from holding high office, what about associating with masculine women? The absurdity of some of these comments! I remain fully convinced that Anwar Ibrahim is still the best choice for Malaysia's 7th prime minister.

  9. Masculine women make great and brave leaders just look at Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel and Joan Of Arc of France.

    Btw antares your political and sexual orientation stick out a mile. And who are you to judge whether a comment is absurd or not?

    another malaysian voter.