Sunday 8 August 2010

Cakap cakap...Politicians and UMNO....

Do our politicians understand the times that they live in now? Do they understand that everything they do or do not do, everything they say or do not say, every waking and sleeping minute of their life are now subject to scrutiny and discussions by each and everyone of us that chooses to do so? They can run but they cannot hide.  They cannot hide any indiscretion not lie about their doings. In these days that we live in all can be posted on the Internet and once it is there if you do wrong you cannot hide it. If you do right we will know it.

The web knows not to discriminate whether you are Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, Malay or Non-Malay, any gender, any religion and age – its ability to seek information is relentless. It is up to us to read, understand, keep or discard what we want from this wealth of data. So this time around, if the last election is any indication, we will have a population able to make informed decisions on issues that matters. And so UMNO and Pakatan Rakyat must prepare themselves for how they will be judged by the people during the coming general elections. 

UMNO thinks that this coming general election is about UMNO. UMNO thinks that this general election is about what UMNO has done for the Malays and for the country. No UMNO…..the election is not about UMNO. We already know UMNO. The election is about securing our future. The future of our people, our children and our country. It is about abolishing the ISA about stopping the rort that is now an unpleasant part of our life – corruption, money politics and abuse of power by those in high public office. 

Again let me reiterate…. the election is not about UMNO. It is about having Politicians who are honest and have integrity in the way they do their work. It is about how a government treats its own people. This election will also make our leaders understand that once they are elected they do not have the right to rob the country blind.

Yes I know they will be many UMNO politicians who are now in power who will smile and say ‘Keadaan Terkawal’…...everything under control. After all Anwar is on trial, RPK is exiled, PKFZ is under control with that Tun under corruption charges……UMNO is on track!

Yes UMNO is on track all right! On track to oblivion! On track to the bridge across the river that has already been primed to explode once UMNO arrives there. Maybe with hindsight and foresight UMNO might be able to feel the undercurrent boiling away just below the surface of a people totally frustrated and disgusted at what their country has become – a hopeless basket case that our neighbours like the Philippines and Indonesia once was but are no longer!

We see a procession of UMNO politicians tripping over themselves as they try to prop up a very sick UMNO while all around them are the ashes of what might have been for a once mighty UMNO. When it will really hurt is when decisions have to be made by those who hold the purse strings of UMNO. These proxies of UMNO’s vast wealth will have to decide if they will continue to throw or ‘invest’ the money they hold for UMNO into UMNO. To ready UMNO for the coming general elections. Or would they be better served if they kept the money for themselves and let UMNO fend for itself because they think that UMNO is a lost cause – unable to win the next general elections against a resurging Pakatan Rakyat!

Is the money they have better spent making their own nest eggs more palatial or should the money be ‘invested’ in another general election? Because it is only with UMNO’s victory that they can recoup what they have ‘invested’ in UMNO. And this is the truth that feeds upon itself. UMNO requires massive inputs of cash to move its election machinery. Without cash nothing moves in UMNO. Without victory there will be no recoup of their ‘investments’. So which comes first. The input of money or the certainty of victory?

How UMNO will mange this spiral Hari Kiri will require the wisdom of Solomon – something lacking within the confines of UMNO. I will await the exodus from UMNO that will surely happen once the money stops

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  1. An UMNO politician or POLITIKUS is an animal, which feeds on dead carrion !

    It is their birthright to have all they want and all they can have.

    They train their recruits so damn well, all WILL follow the GREAT leader...and the saddest part & the point is that he ain't even a ME-LA-YU!

    Nak cakap depa ni bodoh nanti depa marah, tapi nak kata depa ini cerdik nampak betul betul macam bodoh atau di perbodohkan oleh MAMAK seekor !