Wednesday 18 August 2010

What they would really really like to say...

Malaysia belongs to the Malays! Why should we say this quietly? Why should we not shout it from the top of PWTC and let the Chinese, the Indians and all the non-Malays understand that Malaysia is our country! What rights that we have given to these pendatangs we can take back if they do understand their place in our country! Enough of being pushed around in our own country. We will not behave like little piglets that go around all the time with their nose pointing to the ground in respect of all around them. Enough is enough.

All this time we have been patient with these pendatangs. No, not only patient, but also we have given up so much of our rights and our place as the master of our own Malaysia – now they want to also take our dignity and our self-respect? Who do these MCA think they are?

MCA exist because of UMNO’s patronage. Their relevance to the Chinese community was because we have time and time again allowed them so many liberties to advance the Chinese interests – and now they want to take what ever little we still have and call it ‘working together’ to improve the Bumiputra lot? How can taking away our Ketuanan Melayu give the Malay more? Do they think we Malays are stupid? We will not allow MCA or any Chinese take even a single ringgit from us without our permission.

We will not argue about our 30% equity any more. We will not argue about the New Economic Model to achieve high income anymore. And we will not argue about charging anybody under the Seksyen 3(1)(f) Akta Hasutan 1948 dan seksyen 4 Akta anymore.

We have PDRM and the Army under our control. They are all Malays there and they are with us to put these non-Malays in their place and once and for all establish Ketuanan Melayu in this country of ours. If we have to physically put them in camps to contain them. We will. If they want to leave Malaysia good riddance. We will make each and every non-Malay understand that if they want to continue to stay in this country they do so as second-class citizens. Why should we pretend anymore?

They need to understand that when you are given the privilege of settling down in a foreign country they must respect the people who were there before them. If they do not them we will have a country in turmoil like the situation Malaysia is now.

UMNO has been patient long enough. Let the Malays come together now and impose our might and racial superiority over all the non-Malays and we in UMNO will lead you to a new beginning and a new future for the Malays! Hidup Melayu!

That my dear friends is what that son of Ali from Perkasa and a lot of UMNO leaders would have like to be able to say but know they cannot because it will create havoc and mayhem in Malaysia. And so in public they parrot about 1 Malaysia, racial equality and the ‘all for one and one for all’ lies day in and day out while in private they plot what they have to do to stay in power. And to stay in power UMNO have to play the racial card and get the Malays on side before the coming general elections. That is the duplicity that Najib, Muhyiddin, Mahathir and all those UMNO leaders are practicing while putting a smiling front to all the people of this country.

Do not be fooled by those smiles and those utterances of national unity. Nothing could be further from the truth. If UMNO takes power illegally it will mean that they will buy time to enrich themselves more. They will buy time to ensure that they put into place more legislation to ensure that they will stay in power for another fifty years at least. They will buy time to trample whatever democratic rights of ours that are still in place and of course they will ensure the demise of all opposition to their rule.

So please remember that we cannot run the risk of this possibility. Please voice your concerns, your refusal to bow down to this Barisan Nasional government that seeks to end any hope that we still have for the end of a brutal and corrupt government. Keep the fire burning! 


  1. My utmost hat off to you . Wish more Malaysians would wake up for the sake of Malaysia ! The present state of governance is so pathetic and beyond reasons of acceptance.So laughable but we are the ones who are being laughed at > Malaysians !>by the world .SIghhhh

  2. It is refreshing to know that there are many from this country who can see through the fog created by this son of Ali.

    He should be reminded that Sabah and Sarawak account for 60 percent of Malaysian territory and the people there don't owe the likes of him anything to be Malaysian citizens.

    Son of Ali and those like him are still harping on the so called social contract in Malaya and flogging it to enrich themselves when this concept is water under the bridge and not relevant to the present entity known as Malaysia.

  3. Aisehman not Ali son of Baba..this is Ibrahim son of Ali...chief of Perkasa!

  4. Madey Mamak Kutty is a curse upon Malaysia and Froggy IA is a curse upon the Malay .

  5. Yes, Encik Hussein

    This is the local version of

    Phua Kai Lit

  6. Dear HH,

    I believe the son of Ali has more or less proclaimed and acted in public what you have written in italic form. The numerous police reports made by the son of Ali and his followers is obvious sign to non malays to show the PDRM is on their ketuanan side. This is further strengthened by the son of Hussein who gave a massive show of support to the cow head demonstrators in ensuring the PDRM will not only stand by idly but also provide traffic control to facilitate the demonstrators march to their Selangor state government building. The icing on the cake is of course the life long guarantee immunity for the son of the Kerala Indian muslim against any form of legal action simply because he is the chief of the ketuanan establishment.