Monday 30 August 2010

cakap cakap...blogging !

I have been asked if I am a Muslim? If I am a card carrying member of Pakatan Rakyat? Why am I a Malay who denounces other Malays. Why do I write so much about Malaysia when I do not even live there? Who the f@#K am I?
How would the answer to these question affect you? Who I am, where I live or what I do has no bearing at all on the life you live. Possibly what I write might because you may or may not agree with what I write. Even here you can chose to click me out of your life and within a second I am gone.
When I am on my PC and land on any site on the Net  - it will take me just a few seconds to decide if I want to stay or leave that site. I have exit sites when the layout of that site does not appeal to me. When the fonts annoys my eyes. When the first sentence of an article does not grab my attention. So to those that disagree with what I write – click me out of your sight and your life!
Do not linger on my blog to be upset by what you read. If you disagree with what I write and you want to convey those feelings to me I would welcome any spirited debate if done without malice. Where I live, who I am or what I do does not matter because it is only my views that are put into the public domain. If I put anything else that is part of me onto my blog then that would mean that too is open to debate and discussions.

We now live in tumultuous times. Until a few years back  - two or three at the most – I do not know what a blog was and blogging was akin to mountain climbing – something I would never attempt even if my life depends on it. Apart from isolated instances when I am required to submit essays in school and prepare project papers in business situations, I have never written anything for myself or for others to read and ponder about.
Sending an email was an effort I could manage only with the assistance of others around me. A few weeks back I found out through a friend that you could, while traveling in a vehicle, take pictures of your journey and transmit the images to me via the Internet instantaneously. Every time I go on Skype to talk and see my daughter and her family in real time from Canada is a source of great joy and wonderment for me. And all this at no cost to me! Everyday I learn.
Sometimes I feel that I would rather have a blog where only ten or twenty people would read what I write – and I read what they write. Then we would all know each other by name – who we are, where we live and what we like and dislike. And through our blog we exchange views and ideas. We communicate -  a two way process.
Steadyaku47 is too impersonal for me. I find it hard to understand steadyaku47. Since I started working on the blog again these last few months I know that I have a steady number of people who will read what I write… here is the part I do not understand. Why do these people stop on steadyaku47? To read what I write? Linger on to listen to the music I posted? To laugh at what I think is funny and wanted to share with them?
Yes I do get comments and e-mails sent to me but 99.9% just land on my blog, read what they want and then our connection ends. You are just a statistic on my stats meter. I can trace you back to which country you are from, which city, which suburbs – even to which street – but that is all. It is so fleeting a connection and nothing comes out of it. That is why I sometimes think that it would be more fulfilling for me to have 20 people read what I write and stay connected to me and build on it. Would I rather have 20 people that I can connect with or a 1000 that hit and run? You tell me what you would rather have?
For me it is not enough to be able to write what I want and have it out onto the public domain for people to ponder, discuss and debate with it. Let me give you an example. Last week I posted a piece I found on my daughter’s Facebook “Death is Nothing.” at:
To me it was a well-written piece by someone able to express what he thought of death. And I wanted to share that piece with others because it moved me emotionally. That was until Antares sent me this comment: “Very healthy attitude towards death; reflects a healthy attitude towards life!”  That thought never crossed my mind and by taking the trouble to share his thoughts with me, Antares broaden my understanding of that “Death is Nothing” piece much more then I could do by myself. That my friend is why you should not hesitate to share your thoughts with others. Life is a learning process and I am eager to learn from any of you that care to share your thoughts.  


  1. spot on. there are many reasons why one blog, but I believe the majority is to put their thoughts into words. Why do people read blogs? if they find something they like or can identify with or a common interest (like speaking out against a corrupted government), they will stop by.
    just like to let you know I enjoy reaading your blogs.
    ps is is not true people will remain strangers , I had become a friend to one of the bloggers which I stop by, no there is more than one.

  2. Salam Pak Hamid,

    I have my own blog, but ever since, I have only blogged on 4 occasions, the intro in 2008, 2 entries in 2009, and only last week when a good friend asked to write about our college mates activities after attending a buka puasa at an orphanage. I read your blog and others that are critical of the wrong doings of those in power, hoping that one day, all these nightmares will be over with, and the future generations will not curse us when we leave this world.

    Ramadan Kareem


  3. Carry on sharing brother. I read you everyday.

  4. Dear HH,

    I visit your blog everyday. You write honestly and you pull no punches in exposing the grave travesties and injustice that prevails in this Bolehland.

    Please keep on blogging.


  5. Do you pray five times a day, Tok Hamid

  6. I do mind what you shithead write about this country from that land of plenty of yours, Tok Mid

  7. Sir

    Do continue to write what you think and feel.There are readers out there who appreciate what you write and read your blog - be proud of what you do as there are many who "talk only" but cant or wont put their thoughts down in black and white.Yes we are in the land of plenty but being Malaysians, we still have hopes for our beautiful country and look forward to the day when it will return to what it was 40 or 50 years ago when all races/religions live as ONE.

  8. i enjoy your video clips by Roasting
    someones like Dean ....tks!

  9. You and i can never live together mate.You just stay there in that land of plenty of yours. At least it solves your problem and mine too. On your bike mate.Beautiful country...don't give us bullshit.It's people like you that have tarnished this country so much so., booh

  10. I'm glad you return to blogging, your site is in my favorite's list. Never fret, there are more that read what you write but do not comment, as long as what you write gets read is important.