Thursday 19 August 2010

Cakap cakap....some thoughts on UMNO

From our first General Election held in 1959 until today – all within my lifetime – we have gone from Tunku to Tun Razak, to Tun Hussein, Tun Mahathir, Tun Abdullah and now Dato Sri Najib. If this is UMNO’s idea of evolution I believe that if we continue to vote for UMNO in the next General Election it is not a ‘who’ chosen from UMNO that we will be voting for but a “what’ … because I seriously question what the next stage of evolution for an UMNO leader will lead to…a durian or a rambutan tree? That is the only way UMNO can evolve to a higher life form and improve on Najib or Mahyuddin!

Just think…our Mr Raba Raba is now our Ambassador in Washington. If that is Ambassador material then our next High Commissioner in the United Kingdom might be Bung Mokhtar Radin or even the CJ when he retires!

If any of you doubt that Malaysia is the land of Promise then just hang around PWTC during any election campaign!

George Clooney had enough sense not to run for public office because as he said “ Run for office? No. I've slept with too many women, I've done too many drugs, and I've been to too many parties”. ..but this is never a problem for anyone running for office in UMNO.

We Malays have always wanted to vote for the best Malays candidate in any election to represent us in Parliament. But we are still waiting for one. I just wish UMNO would get one to stand for elections. They put so many stupid candidates up for election that it would seem to us that in UMNO stupidity is not a handicap for anyone who wants to be a Yang Berhormat! To UMNO an honest candidate is one who is willing to be bought and is honest enough to allow himself to be bought on a need basis.

From the many second and third or even fourth marriages and mistresses being kept by UMNO movers and shaker can we assumed that most UMNO men enter politics because they are unhappily married? Or do they have a raging libido?

It must be said that when KJ won the Ketua Pemuda post it was a triumph for democracy within UMNO because it proved that even without his Father in Law around he could still win. It also proves that any man with the same amount of money stands just as good a chance of being elected as anyone else. 


  1. Dear HH,

    One must fit the UMNO criteria of being:
    1) corrupt (the more corrupt the better),
    2) dishonest (lie about everything including his/her ethnic origins, number of spouses, hidden wealth, etc)
    3) racist (everything he/she does is in the guise of ketuanan)
    4) a froggie (able to jump from one political well to another)
    5) shameless (tak ada maruah)
    6) an executioner (any weapon will do but C4 is much preferred)
    7) spineless
    8) brain dead
    9) keris kisser
    10) 2 face snake
    11) making countless police reports alleging sedition, inciting racial hatred, etc
    12) a by product of BTN or graduates from local "ketuanan race" only Universities or Oxfart Uni

    to be accepted as a suitable UMNO (Baru) candidate for higher office.

    If you have none of the above, you need not apply. If you fulfill 90% of the above criteria, you have a great future in UMNO.

  2. Last but not least must have more than one wife and married more than once, married secretly also, most important criteria, caught for khalwat also, but freed no further erections...oops!

    actions i mean! NFA aka no farking action!