Friday 20 August 2010

Charge a man for theft of a chicken, evidence is theft of a duck: Karpal

In that sentence Karpal has conceptualized  Barisan Nasional leaders. How do we let these idiots understand that we are laughing at them – not with them! 
After over fifty years of Barisan Nasional rule they have not even been able to provide the most basic of services for all our people – basic services upon which the bedrock of modernity of any country rests.
·      Security
·      Education
·      Justice.
Security: We are not talking about any external threat from any country. None exists. We are talking about the failure of PDRM to give the citizens of this country that feeling of being secure in the knowledge that the Police are our guardian angels not a source of fear, terror and contempt.
Education: A fuck up of epic proportions that has succeeded in ensuring that our most precious capital, our children, will not ensure the development of our people and our country into the 1 Malaysia as supposedly envisaged by Najib. Should not 1 Malaysia be part and parcel of our education premise many years ago rather then an after thought by our Prime Minister in 2010?
Justice: Need I say anymore then to repeat that we DO NOT have a judicial system that work for the majority of the people? By any criteria imaginable our Judicial System serves the need of Barisan Nasional. For us in Malaysia we cannot have Shakespeare say: “Heaven is above all yet, there sits a judge,
that no king can corrupt” …we do not need a King to corrupt the Judiciary…the Barisan Nasional Government has done that.
Will we, when history judged us, be referred to as a nation that failed itself? The abysmal failure of governance and rampant corruption is the core problem.  Or will the collective suicide of UMNO leaders at the next general election give us respite from this possibility? I pray for the latter. 

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  1. Defender of chicken and ducksFriday 20 August 2010 at 22:08:00 GMT+10

    Hussein you got it wrong. Anwar is charged for sodomizing a chicken but the evidence is sodomizing a duck