Monday 23 August 2010

steadylah NST......Langkawi bridge and Tun Mahathir

Tun Mahathir against Langkawi bridge project

Two companies based in Perlis had proposed building a 48km bridge linking Langkawi to Kuala Perlis on the mainland.

Juruelit Sdn Bhd executive chairman Kamarudin Husin said on Friday the company had enough funds to build the project which includes a monorail bridge.
On another note, Tun Mahathir said he was disappointed that Muslims had become enemies just because they had different views.

He added as fellow Muslims they should not turn bitter enemies as it would divide and weaken them.

The former premier cautioned that this could result in Muslims losing power in their own land.

First let us talk about this Tun saying that Muslims should not turn into bitter enemies.

This is the same Tun that went after two other Muslims, Musa Hitam and Ku Li with a vengeance? Recklessly tearing UMNO apart and having UMNO declared an illegal organization and resulted in the eventual removal of the Lord President of the Supreme CourtTun Salleh Abas, from his seat......himself another Muslim!

The same TUN who went for another Muslim, Anwar Ibrahim, with all guns firing and had the Police, the Judicial System, the government Media to collude with him in his criminality …all the weaponry at his disposal without for a moment thinking of the hardship and pain he was causing another Muslim and his Family?
The very same TUN who relentlessly attacked his appointed successor Abdullah Badawi - also another Muslim without the decency to respect the very office he had occupied for over 20 years?

And he now has the audacity to caution other Muslims not to do what he has done? The pot calling the kettle black! Why not say  “Do as I say, do not do as I do”……at least that would give some credence to what he says.

Tun you excel even your own self with your timing....choosing the holy month of Ramadan to lie to yourself with much sincerity because somehow you are able to make yourself believe many untruths about yourself. But to me there is no vagueness in what you say. The premise you advanced is magnificent – that Muslims must not be enemies! And most advantageous to yourself because it costs nothing to you when you never intend for it to go beyond a promise. Nothing more. Nothing less. And there have been many such promises made in the past too!

Thanks to you UMNO is now a den of organized hypocrisy. Invoking ketuanan melayu, national interest, national security, the OSA and the ISA as if they are inevitable products of democracy that our country needs – like we need a hole in our head! But for UMNO and you, hypocrisy has ample wages to make it a fashionable vice, which passes for virtue amongst your peers. For us we know it for what it is - hypocrisy at its worse when religion and race are used for your own purpose.

TUN where in Islam does hypocrisy becomes a virtue?

And now about this Juruelit Sdn Bhd. JURU ELITE…always that word again…ELITE! And they have the money to build a 48km bridge linking Langkawi to Kuala Perlis on the mainland? How?.... will all government-controlled banks be advised to take equity in this company – with of course EPF and Petronas taking prime position in equity? Friends if you believe this company has the money to build this 49km bridge then you believe that  Zizie Izette married Bung for love and for his looks! Well maybe we should at least accept that Bung has eyes like Brad Pitt (two!). 
Now tell me which retired Minister or which self proclaimed UMNO elites belong to Juruelit Sdn Bhd?…or should I say the company belongs to which UMNO elite? Reminds me of my schooldays in MCKK. One afternoon I was at the library when the librarian who spoke ‘sikit inggris’ held a pen up that he had found on a table and proudly announced to all and sundry “whose belong this pen?”…..but I digress.
Project after project…each project bigger than the one before it…astounding creativity to ensure that the bottomless pit of money is somehow kept filled with projects for UMNO to empty….not caring a damm if the duck that lay the golden egg (our country Malaysia!) is still alive!
When will this end….when will it all end? 


  1. this is another yes no yes and eventually someone just make billions from us..what does langkawi warrants to promote> cheaper beer? we were there last year ,,more like a dead town..for 130billion ? correct me if i am wrong u think these jokers have 130billions or even rm2 paid up company ?
    scroched earth this country when next election come..take 1st if win ok la..if lose , at least they have the big pie ..this must stop

  2. i went there once & will NOT go again
    ....nothing special other than ONE dirty black sea side !

  3. sorry ...BUT 'then' & 'than' are different in use .

  4. thanks for pointing out the mistake...will correct it when I find it! Second mistake in my life...first one was being born!

  5. pls dun blame your producers !

  6. Saudara,
    I think you missed the biggest sin Mahathir did with that sentence.
    "Muslims losing power in their own land".
    That's racist bullshit!
    I'm a Chinese, but I want to see Niz Aziz as PM!
    I believe he would be the best not because he's Malay/Muslim, but because he's FAIR and JUST!

    I'm waiting for the next election, one week after that, we'll see Mahathir sent to Kamunting under ISA!

  7. Madey Mamak Kutty is a curse upon Malaysians; Perkosa's Froggy Ibrahim is a curse upon the Malay; Rerun Tee is a curse upon the Chinese and Semi Value is a curse upon the Indian.

  8. wow - i searched the Juruelit Sdn Bhd company - it has a RM 2 paid up share capital. is there any sense in this project,

    how much is the toll going to be

    our stadiums are collapsing, the MRR at Kepong is in danger of falling down and now RM 130 billion

  9. Salam,

    Pasal jambatan, korupsi dan jahat Tun Madey paria kita ini dan kroninya yang sangat berleluasa dan lumrah ini tidaklah begitu menarik minat saya lagi kerana sudahpun termaklum. Memang jahatpun. Tun Madey paria ini tahu bahawa majoriti dpd orang-orang Melayu sudah benci dia, tetapi dia sangat happy, most happy dan amat senang hati kerana dia memerintah kita selama 22 tahun, dia buat banyak pitis, dan Yahudi musuh Allah sangat happy dan memberi banyak kepujian dan penghargaan kepada dia. Kembanglah buntut dia, maklumlah Yahudi ini adalah Boss dia!

    Tun Madey tulis buku menceritakan kehabatan dia, si paria Kerala ini syok sendiri! Namun masih ramai Melayu bodoh yang sokong dia.Pada saya cerita mengenai kejahatan si paria Kerala ini adalah isu yang amat kecil sahaja.

    Saya tertarik dengan keputusan undian bahawa sejumlah yang amat terbesar dpd rakyat Malaysia kita kini sudah tidak mahu kepada Sultan lagi. Saya percaya majoriti dpd undi ini adalah dpd rakyat kita yang bukan Melayu Islam.

    Saya cadangkan kepada sdr Hussein Hamid supaya buka ballot box khas untuk orang-orang Melayu sahaja. Saya kira kalau 30% dpd orang-orang Melayu Islam kita yang tolak Sultan, kita sudah boleh ucap good bye kepda seluruh Sultan kita ini buat selama-lamanya.

    Saya adalah seorang warga emas (63 tahun) Melayu Muslim yang tolak Sultan kita. Anda Melayu yang beragama Islam di luar sana bagai mana? Saya dan keluarga saya sudah lama tolak Raja-Raja kita sebagai payung kita, kerana payung kita hanyalah Allah.

    Orang-orang Cina dan India kita kata Raja-Raja Melayu kita ini bodoh,korup dan sombong. Kita marah, padahal semua ini betul. Kalau kita cakap pasal jahat dan buruk Raja-Raja kita, kerajaan akan cap kita sebagai menghasut. Biarlah menghasut pun kerana ianya adalah benar, sudah sampai masanya kita ajar orang-orang Melayu kita agar berani cakap benar. Kita dilarang Allah dpd mengekal dan mempertahankan kejahatan dan keburukan,termasuk kejahatan dan keburukan Raja-Raja kita. Allah mengajar kita agar kita mempertahankan Islam dan umat Islam yang tertindas, bukan Raja-Raja kita yang jahat, korup dan sombong ini.

    Buangkanlah Raja-Raja Melayu kita, buangkanlah Perlembagaan Negara kita dan buangkanlah Rukun Negara kita ini. Kemudian tegakkan Al-Quran dan Hadis sebagai Perlembagaan kita dan Rukun Iman kita sebagai pegangan kita.

    Kerajaan kita yang menindas dan menzalimi kita kerana ia mempertahankan Raja-Raja Melayu kita yang jahat dan korup, yang mempertahankan Perlembagaan Negara dan Rukun Negara kita yang kafir adalah orang-orang yang kafir, zalim dan fasik di sisi Allah yang diperintahkan Allah untuk di musuhi, dibenci dan diperangi. Inilah isu-isu yang utama dalam kehidupan kita!

    Sekian, Terima Kasih.

    Yang Tulus Ikhlas

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani