Monday 30 August 2010

Mahathir : Relevant Again?

Mahathir is indeed a master of all things politics. He transcend UMNO, Barisan Nasional and possible everything political in Malaysia. Mahathir’s shameless political pragmatism is only trumped by the audacity of his use of issues, whether racial, religious or economic to further his own agenda.

But perhaps in the twilight of his years he has become frail of mind and unable to be the clever manipulator of the public as he once was. He predicted that there will be an escalation in racial tension and division should NEP-style policies be removed.  This judicious use of racial and wealth division to conjure up an Armageddon that will destroy our country has only inadvertently exposed Mahathir to the public as the master manipulator that he really is. Perhaps, this time irrevocably! Let me explain why I say this!
Even at 84 Mahathir wants himself to be relevant. Consistently from the time he left government that has been his holy grail. The appointment of Pak Lah as his deputy was a decision made by Mahathir and Mahathir alone. At its simplest level this decision was his prerogative as Prime Minister then. At its worse it was a decision Mahathir took to have someone to succeed him whom he thought he could control and do his bidding when asked.
When the man he chose to succeed him did not (for whatever reason) meet his expectations Mahathir set out to make himself relevant to the process of removing Pak Lah from the office of Prime Minister. How did he do this?
He knew where to look and understood what had to be done and did it. In the name of saving UMNO and Malaysia he worked tirelessly to remove Pak Lah from office. There is no need to go into the intensity of his efforts – suffice for us to reprise his personal attacks on Pak Lah and Pak Lah’s family, on KJ and his ability to even harm UMNO in the process by leaving the party he was once President of – not forever but only until such time as Pak Lah was removed – then he returned as the prodigal son. What can be observed is the single mindedness of this evil man to have his own way no matter what. He had something he wanted to do (remove Pak Lah from office) and how he chose to do it did not matter as long as the end justifies the means.

And now he is at it again. He judges that the racial divide and the unequal division of wealth are issue the public wants resolve. Yes he is right in this assumption! But the words and phrases he uses to frame these issues are chosen not to resolve or manage these issue in a responsible manner but more to incite the people to take sides and formed rigid division amongst the races  - at precisely the time when we have no need for these divisions.
Mahathir is not bound by any of these sensibilities. He sees an opportunity to use race and distribution of wealth as a means of making him relevant again  - if not to all Malaysian – to enough Malaysian as to create unease within our country. And so Mahathir emerges as the new prophet who skillfully frames the question of race and wealth distribution as the question that must be addressed NOW – over and above anything else. Recklessly he has issued the clarion call – and so he is relevant again.
An UMNO and Barisan Nasional with its back against the wall is torn between trying to decide if what Mahathir is trumpeting is indeed the most important issue of the day.
Of course it is not. Corruption is. Nepotism is. Racial divide is. Politicians who abuse their power is. You eliminate these issues and all will fall into place. That these issues are the problem is already known to all and Mahathir cannot gain enough traction from these issues to establish his relevance in the political arena where Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are doing battle.
And so he comes up with this :
Dr M warns NEP removal could lead to revolution.
And he now has the attention of the Malays, the non-Malays, UMNO, Barisan Nasional and almost everybody else because we all want to know who is this idiot talking about Ketuanan Melayu and keeping the non-Malays as second-class citizens? Who is waving the specter of revolution and a May 13th over the whole country if these issues are not addressed immediately? Who would do this? Mahathir of course in order to be relevant!
So don’t you all think that it is time we just ignore this man who wants to be relevant in a time when he is no longer relevant? Mahathir has cried wolf too many times in the past to be believed. This man manipulates friends and eliminates enemies. He is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the wolf through and through. Be wary of this wolf call Mahathir.
The wolf was sick, he vowed a monk to be - But when he got well, a wolf once more was he.
Walter Bower  


  1. Dr Mahathir-Our Man For All Seasons

    Though I have criticised Dr M quite a lot on
    his past privatisation policies, he had over the 20 odd years in office contributed to a
    modern Malaysia.

    To have put the monarchy in a the right perspective is the single most important contribution of Dr M. His hands on approach on
    economic development of the country is another.
    Arrogant Lee Kwan Yew took a leaf from Dr M's
    economic venture by introducing the F1 to Singapore. His accolades probably require a book of a thousand pages. Nevertheless as a
    critic I find fault with some of his policies.

    His youthful quest for knowledge must be emulated by all. To have the nerve of steel when the chips were down was another great attribute. How he responded when the country was plastered by Soros was a class act which will be hard for other leaders to follow.

    at the end of the day , he can be satisfied that he had tried his best

    khong khek khuat

  2. Correct correct correct ... I am going to steal this classic and post it in my blog. Thank you for sharing.

    FuckYeahMalaysia @

  3. The old man still thinks he has balls
    Rocking on his chair clicking on his notebook
    Using whatever mediums to air his views
    On the politics, race and religion
    The past date has gone
    He still thinks he is relevant
    Brewing his thoughts on a race
    Instead of the country as a whole
    It is sad he forgot
    The country of many races
    Together with common vision
    The common stand to fight for progress
    With a man of his one way ticket
    A loner as Daim said once to me
    When I bought him his favourite mee
    When he was in Alor Star on his politics
    The old man wants one race to progress
    He just couldn't stomach it when others fare better
    So he can't give up his crusade to pursue his agenda
    He should stay retire; write his memoirs and leave as that

  4. Lying swine! Does not seem to be able to stop voicing his twisted and senseless logic. What actually does he hope to achieve with his frequent fear-mongering and deliberate attempts to poison the Malay mind?

    What does he mean that during the last 46 years there was relative peace? This senile fool appears to be taking credit for the near total destruction of race relations since he took office – even from the time he was in education. . Has he no conscience?

    His racist and self-serving policies, disguised as his deep concern for the poor Malays ( surprisingly, this time around he started by mentioning all Bumis but , as he went along, revealed his true agenda by referring to the Malays as his primary target ), did nothing but widened the racial gulf and worsened prospects of creating a united nation where every citizen feels a deep and committed sense of belonging, ownership and patriotism. He must be cringing after reading Zaid's article that practically demanded that this pseudo-Malay shut his trap when it comes to affairs of the real Malays.

    What most find repulsive about him, is his hypocrisy in defending and promoting the rights of the Malays. MM, let me suggest to you that you are no better than the beast that never ceases seducing true believers into committing crimes against the Creator.

    Anyone who professes his virtuosity and altruism as vocally as you do, and goes to the extent of shedding tears in public to summon the sympathy of his audience and who declares that his sole purpose and mission in life is to champion the supposedly trampled and the less fortunate Malays, while in a position to make a change to better the situation of those who put their faith and trust in him, if he had any grain of honesty and sincerity in him, would never be able to live in the vulgar opulence and sinful extravagance as you, while there were still poor Malay families out there, who find it difficult just getting by and have to suffer life in misery, virtually stripped of even the meanest of the comforts you enjoy and so arrogantly flaunt. You are not only a shame to the Malays but to the entire human race!

    ( contd )

  5. MM, I hope you read this. What would it take for you to just disappear, so the public could be rid of the diseased-vermin you have allowed yourself to become? Where did your ancestors go wrong? Of all the crimes you keep committing, when you lie and distort the truth to incite and provoke one against the other, just so that you may regain your lost fortunes, is a travesty of the most deplorable type and, the ultimate affront, to all norms of human civility and decency.

    I detest you and blame you for the state of turmoil we are presently in. If you had any conscience and decency left in you, you, who effectively destroyed what little prospects generations of children had to develop themselves into good and productive citizens and be able to live with one another in lasting peace and harmony, must surely realize the cost of your misadventure with the nation’s policies.

    You failed miserable at bringing about a fair and just society; a society that can stand tall and be proud of its diversity and be able to elicit the best of its shared values and traditions into its march towards a better future for all. You should openly repent and show remorse for the wrongs you had done. If I were you, the guilt of knowing that a child had killed himself, just because he felt that he had failed his family for not achieving the grades required or, when someone is charged for having murdered his entire family and made an attempt to take his own life simply because life was becoming increasingly difficult and unbearable for him, I would have been tormented for the rest of my years.

    But, of course, not you. You, I suppose, are made of sterner stuff. One that fails to understand the tentativeness of life itself and that this life, is after all, just a transit stop. Have you no religion!

    Instead, you, because of your infinite greed and lust for power, have aggravated and brought about the almost irreparable racial chasms that infect our society today, which, although, are yet to manifest themselves into any open inter-racial crisis - a catastrophe that I am convinced is what you hope to achieve by your selfish and opportunistic behavior - indisputably, and you can claim full credit for this, do exist and will not go away unless you and those that subscribe to your evil designs, change or are forced into total oblivion.

  6. Knowing full well that you, by your own policy constructs and your intentional and criminal manipulation of the administration, have denied opportunities for non-Malays to enroll into public universities yet, you have the audacity to condemn the racial composition of private schools.

    To top it all, you show no understanding at all of the pain and hardship and the consequential loss of any comfort and quality of life of those parents who are forced to finance their children outside the public system. As though you need to be reminded, the public system is public funded and all, regardless of race, pay to fund them. Are you so blind that you fail to realize that for the majority of the young people in private institutions, their families have made sacrifices that your skewed sense of justice and your misplaced opinion about non-Muslim Bumis, non-Umno Malays and other non-Malays ( here after referred to simply as “non-UMNO”) could never fathom. During your time as PM, I am sure you would have commissioned studies to determine how these students were funding their studies. But, for fear of exposing the myths and lies you and your goons were spinning, you never released your findings.

    Do you dispute the fact that most of these students are either funded by their parents who, burdened by the escalating cost of education, were forced either to raise private loans or to tighten their belts and work extra hours and to make radical changes to their lifestyles, even to the extent of sacrificing the future of one or more of their other children to support the child who, in their opinion, had better prospects for success. And, yes, for every one of these students who had the good fortune of furthering their education, there are 10 others who, out of sheer poverty, had to abandon their dreams.

    Have you ever visited any of these families to see for yourself how they live? Does your conscience not hurt you to know that these people, out of the nobility of their culture and values, care not for their measly comforts but, will, should they need to further deprive themselves, even of life itself, gladly do so, to provide for the future of their children.

    You had allowed your insane craving for power and wealth to wreak havoc on so many lifes – most significantly, the opportunity for our children to have a fair chance to build a future for themselves. You are truly the epitome of the most ugly of statesmen. You squandered your chance to make an impact when it was most required of you.

    You should never feel good over the superficial changes you made. Any fool guided and advised by a mature public sector and having unlimited resources at his disposal could have done so. I am sure even an idiot like your dog, Ibrahim Ali, could have done the same. All you needed was a crafty grip on politics and having even fooled the Malays into accepting you as one of them, how much more does one needs to be convinced at your mastery of the most decadent form of power play that you had infected our society with.

    If you had any humanity left in you – for what good is your religion and your fastidious observance of its rituals, when you fail to display even an iota of care and compassion for others - you would make an attempt to right the wrongs you have done. I know that when anyone plays the race card as liberally and outrageously as you do, more so, coming from a person of your background and stature, there will be those, who would blindly follow you. Therefore, my plea to you is that you repent and make an effort to redeem yourself. Instead of continuing with your ghastly, irrational and patently evil rhetoric, seek to salvage and rekindle the spirit of mutual acceptance and tolerance amongst the various peoples of this country, and bring a quick end to the squalor of gutter politicking that most of the desperate extremist movements you had allowed to flourish, engage in.


    This mad man knows no limits!
    He will destroy everything to save his own dirty neck!
    He knows no shame!
    He knows no end to destroy this nation!
    He wants to avoid going to JAIL and DIE there!
    He must create enough troubles amongst the RAKYAT so that this country breaks up and he runs away and save his dirty & smelly hide and hope to die in self exile!

    He makes all the races hate each other to extremes, and still does it and asked others to do it and trust him!

    For all the money wasted during his days in office, all the smart kids no matter what creed or colour should be leading this country today, but they are now all forever gone, lost to better companies & countries all over this world!

    Because he only wants those with UMNO links to succeed and continue with his work, his way only !

    Yes, he drove the wedge so deep into the racial entity that it would take another 5 more generations to make amends!

    The races mistrust and hate each other because of his lop sided policies which deprived the own citizens their very own RIGHTS !

    He is the MASTER CROOK !

  8. Mahashit Mamak Kutty , the curse upon Malaysia is trying his best to fan racial sentiment to keep Barisan Najis in power after next GE.
    He is worried that he will be prosecuted after new federal government comes in.

    Mahashit has too many skeletons in his closet which will see him in Sungai Buloh prison until he drop dead.

  9. Pak HH welcome back I thought you're gone for good, thanks god you're still in one piece...


  10. hi, Anthony Muss , where have you been !?