Monday 9 August 2010

Najib...what will you do with Anwar?

What do you want to do to Anwar now Najib? Did what Mahathir do to him over ten years ago? Take away his freedom? His wife, his children, his self-respect – leave him with nothing but to be surrounded by the four walls within Sungai Buloh that imprisoned him? Again?

If you think the people of this country will accept this quietly you must be more stupid then you look! If you think Azizah and her children are going to accept the humiliation of Anwar again – then you would need to have your head examined.

Just who gave you the idea of charging Anwar with Sodomy Two? Muhyiddin? Or did you thought up this hare brained scheme all by yourself? Think Najib! If Anwar is convicted then it is just Sodomy One all over again – and we know what happened four years later when that conviction was overturned by the Federal Courts. If Anwar goes free then that is egg on your face. Either way you lose! But of course if you are prepared to go into Sodomy Two just to cause humiliation and embarrassment to Anwar on a personal basis then you are as evil as Mahathir – but I think the price to UMNO will be too high. But then just as Mahathir never considered the cost to UMNO of what he did I suspect neither would you! UMNO must have upset somebody up there pretty bad to deserve leaders like Najib and Mahathir! But then you reap what you sow. 

Now look at yourself Najib. Prime Minister of Malaysia! But you owe Mahathir much for getting you there much earlier then you are supposed to – but you needed to be Prime Minister earlier in order to stop getting yourself entangled in the Altantuya case. So you had to make that deal with Mahathir. Help me, you told Mahathir, and I will owe you!

But the problem is this. What do you have to do to remain Prime Minister? Mahathir wants you to neutralized Anwar and put his son Mukriz in cabinet. Mukriz is already in cabinet at the expense of KJ. But Anwar is still a problem – to you and Mahathir. Mahathir understands what damage Anwar can do if he ever gets to be Prime Minister. Anwar is Mahathir nemesis and Anwar could also see to the demise of UMNO – and with it, you Najib! So Mahathir is desperate for Anwar to be  behind bars in Sungai Buloh. In these times that we live in this is easier said then done! Let us await the outcome of this farcical trial while you and Mahathir sweat it out!

Now what will happen to you Najib? Do you think anybody cares? Nobody does. Not Muhyiddin, not Mahathir not UMNO...and least of all, the people of this country! If you are stupid enough to hang yourself, UMNO will give you enough rope.  

Just look at you now Najib! You are more known as being the unfortunate husband of Rosmah then being Prime Minister of Malaysia. A hen pecked husband living in fear of a wife who knows too much about your doings in the past – and worse, she is prepared to use what she knows to keep you in line!

So you are Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of UMNO and yet when it comes to the crunch you are totally helpless to decide what you can do to help yourself. You know that your fate has already been decided by what you have done in the past. What you do now is simply a charade – manipulated by other people who will let you continue to be Prime Minister because it serves their purpose to let you be Prime Minister.

When the dust settles what will be left will be you with that quizzed look on your face that asks “ What happened? Why am I no longer PM?”
You will take UMNO down with you. Then we will have closure to the UMNO chapter. Closure to Mahathir and closure to all that UMNO represents and then we will have our brand new day!

You should have let Altantuya lived. You should have left Perak alone. Of course Sodomy Two was just sheer lunacy – a ticking time bomb now waiting to explode in your face. When you attack a person on a personal basis make sure that your own personal life is without blemish! Let others who are without sin cast the first stone…and you will not find anyone in UMNO who can do!

Everything seems to be imploding and UMNO no longer has anytime to do what it does best – making money to fill the deep pockets of you, those so called first tier Bumiputra in UMNO and your cronies!

UMNO has already left itself open and having to fight rearguard actions on too many fronts. Altantuya, Saiful, Taib Mahmud, Ibrahim Ali, MCA, MIC…and the list goes on.

Whether you are UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat. Whether you are for Mahathir or for Anwar. Whether you believe that MACC is doing a good job or not we all know this. Malaysians are not happy at the way things are in their country. Methinks they hold you, UMNO and Barisan Nasional responsible for this dismal state of affairs. 


  1. For your awareness.

    There seems to some urgency from this wily revolutionist.

  2. I wonder what was going through the mind of this PM when he was photographed with the "dunggu" look on his face......oh wait a minute, he was not thinking of anything since he is incapable of thinking, LOL.

  3. Hussein you talk like Pakatan walking into Putrajaya is a given, a walk in the park. BN is a formidable political animal in the sense that they have huge financial resources and lots of lots of key people in the civil service and crucial institutions to do their bidding plus a huge capacity to cheat in the coming election. It is going to be tough and success is very far from a guarantee. We need as much support as we can get and hope that beyond you just writing will help initiate a support group over in Melbourne and hopefully whole Australia. Are you up to it?

    Hoping you will not spike this comment.

  4. Hopeful -this is my email -

    I suggest that you do read a bit more of what I have written in the past to understand me better. I would like to know who I am communicating with. Tell me and we see where we go from here. Regards.


  5. Hi Hussein,
    I don't know where Malaysia is heading in future. One thing for sure, it is not rosy or bright for all. FDI gone down, brain drain, race and religion being manipulated to make everyone hate each other. I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to hate another race just because of the colour of our skin if not because of these politicians. Can Pakatan save us? Should we trust BN again and hope they will change? Who can we trust to save Malaysia and bring us as one together again? I really don't know.