Friday 27 August 2010

Malaysian DPP to become YouTube sensation!

A picture is worth a thousand words…a video is priceless! I have been reading reports of this DPP making an ass of himself in the courts when questioning Dr. Pornthip but all I could do was to give a shrug of my shoulder to that possibility and put it down to the inability of the government to do anything well. And now the Attorney General’s chambers have released or upload videos of this DPP making an ass of himself. The first question I want to ask is why have they done so?
Why would the attorney General Chambers release a video into the public domain that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that their DPP is an idiot? Consider this:
DPP: “All the while you testify that somebody harm him. You said about strangulation. Or he strangle himself!”
Strangle oneself? How? And he went on to demonstrate it on himself. My only regret is that he did not allow himself to act it out right to the very end!
God almighty…this guy is going to be a YouTube sensation once the global community picks this up…and while he confirms his status as an idiot we in Malaysia will be shamed. We will be shamed because it is our Attorney General Chambers that will be highlighted. It will be our country that will be humiliated. And it will be our people’s shame to be known around the word for the idiotic manner in which our DPP went about questioning Dr: Pornthip. Malaysia boleh!


  1. This strangling himself is minor. The one that takes the cake is a person become heavier when unconscious.