Saturday 28 August 2010

Political Leadership-Monkey see Monkey do!


In as long as we have, as our self proclaimed political elites, people like Mahathir, Najib and Mahyuddin then we are forever dammed to have other politicians who are of the same skin – corrupt, greedy with the inability to empathize with the Rakyat and arrogance thrown in just for safe measure. 
This morning I see in NST the following headlines: Najib: “I'll speak to Taib about his future”
Now what will they speak about? About Taib’s many billions stolen from the people of Sarawak? About the suffering of the Penans? About Taib’s inability to account for a staggering RM 4.8 billion of government expenditure over the past three years alone? Or is Najib going to talk about what properties to buy in London for himself and his family to keep as an investment?
If anything Najib will want to know how Taib is able to control the Finance Ministry, Planning and Resources Ministry and Chief Ministry which together control 80% of the Development Budget. This is indeed a feat worthy of inclusion in the Malaysian Book or Records!
About the only thing that Najib could rap Taib’s knuckle for is for ‘melawan taukey’ – I mean come on lah a Rolls Royce for the Chief Minister? 
Friends this is what they are going to talk about…Taib and Najib are going to work out what Taib will get if he leaves and what he will get if he stays! End of story.
This is our lot. Having leaders who are so bereft of any redeeming qualities that to call them leaders at all only serves to reflect how bankrupt our nation is of good people with integrity and accountability. But then are we to admit that in our nation of over 20 million people there is none among us that can lead? Certainly not! But UMNO has corrupted leadership within the political arena into what UMNO wants it to be – a den of thieves, thugs. If you follow the trial of deceit and lies within the government – it will lead to UMNO. If you seek those that plunder and pillage our country’s coffers it will lead to UMNO. And if you need to know how absolute power corrupts absolutely you look within UMNO. Everyone in UMNO understands that one hand washes the other. Once you call yourself an UMNO member then you are in the party. You will do what is right for the party. If you do not then you are replaceable. Anwar was replaced. Pak Lah was replaced. Zaid was replaced. Chuah Jui Meng was replaced. So who is left in UMNO understands that one hand washes the other. They need each other to survive.
All this talk about an end to money politics within UMNO and giving 1Malaysia a try is a joke! So is Najib talking to Taib about Taib’s future. Arresting Liong Sik, putting MACC under the microscope for Teoh Beng Hock’s murder…all a joke. And it would be funny to us too if it was not for the fact that it is our money that they are stealing and our people that they are murdering! And this circus will go on and on until UMNO is out of government! Each joke dumber and more irrelevant than the one before it while we get more disgusted and more contemptuous of them treating us like fools by the day.
But what can we do? Everything UMNO did is legal! We elected them into government and once in government you can make legal that which is not legal. We are not talking about what is morally right or what is morally wrong. PDRM can hold suspect in custody. MACC can question Teoh Beng Hock. The Attorney General can go after Anwar for sodomy two. The government can spend billions of our money for Greater Kuala Lumpur. In as long as UMNO operates within the rules of this country then it does not matter if people are murdered and billions are lost. Tough luck! UMNO obeyed the rules! We elected political leaders without integrity and accountability so we live with it! 
With the 13th General Election we can change things. This is what we have to understand. We need to elect leaders who will be able to assess a situation and make a decision based on what is best for ‘the greatest number of people’ in the country. Not just for themselves, for their cronies, for UMNO or for just the Malays – but for the “greatest number of people” in the country. And more important a leader must also have integrity and the willingness to stand up for what is right – even if it means resigning a position in government or losing an election. Already I can see some of you asking me if whether that was what Zaid did. Yes, that is what Zaid did when he resigned first from the Cabinet and then from UMNO. This is the same Zaid that is now in Pakatan Rakyat!
SO what makes a good leader? I cannot put it better then what this article in google under “Leadership Expert” at : …so here it is:
So what makes a good political leader? A good political leader is:
   Someone who serves as an example of integrity and loyalty to the people they represent, both to the public and to other political leaders.
   Someone with good communication and inter-personal skills, who can work with a range of other people, regardless of political party or opinion, to achieve the greatest good for the general population.

   Someone who can resist the various temptations and lures of the political arena

   Someone of strong character, with both conscience and charisma

   Someone willing to listen to the needs of the common people and to represent them faithfully

   Someone with the courage to stand up and say what needs to be said – rather than just tell the general public what it wants to hear

   Someone who is willing to make difficult (and possibly unpopular) decisions for the greater good.
UMNO fails on all counts…I repeat “on all counts!” So you know what you have to do when the time comes to cast your vote at the next general election! Throw UMNO out!

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